June 7, 2010

Coach Scotty Paschal’s Maine Point..!

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We love to visit Mom in Maine! (click pic to enlarge)

Melody and I were able to take a few days off at the end of May!

Days off are rare around here.  Really rare.

Managing, maintaining, and growing a world class tennis academy program that has impacted junior and pro tennis players from 23 countries and 15 USA states, since 2001, who have trained with us full time, takes a lot of work.

Throw in developing International Christian Tennis Association, which has reached well over 1,800,000 tennis fans on large-scale mission trip outreaches to famous professional tennis tournaments…and, well, you get the idea…

So, when we have these really rare days off, what do we like to do?

Paris? Hawaii? Nope.

We like to visit my Mom in Maine! Lol…

My Mom is awesome. She’s Italian 100%.  Was a teacher for decades..and a shrink. I am very fortunate to have had my Mom for a mom.

We made a pic collage of our trip for you.  Couple pics of Mom ( in the kitchen, of course),  me and Mel, and the Lobsters we bought for just $5.99lb (so cheap!) in Portland.

God bless,

Coach Scotty

International Christian Tennis Association, President


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  1. Phillip Koo said,

    I love reading it! I’m sure the lobsters were great. Hook it up! =P

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