About ICTA


Mission: To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide through the sport of tennis.

Vision: Gather an international body of Christ followers to impact and disciple nations for the Kingdom.


International Christian Tennis Association utilizes three main ministry programs:


Founded in 1999 and incorporated as a non-profit 501c3 organization in 2004, International Christian Tennis Association membership has grown to include people in 2000+ cities in 71 countries.

International Christian Tennis Association is the first organization in history to host large-scale mission trips to famous tennis events. ICTA Outreach has offered free Christian resources to over 1,800,000 tennis fans.

Funding for International Christian Tennis Association and ICTA Outreach comes from ICTA’s Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy, a year-round world class, high performance tennis and missionary training program. Students from 23 countries and 16 US states have attended.

Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy is a discipleship ministry.  Though students are rigorously trained at the highest levels in preparation for the professional tennis tour or a collegiate tennis team…Christian missions, leadership, theology, and apologetics are focused upon within a team atmosphere of accountability. Pro tennis teams are formed from this program and sent worldwide in support of the Great Commission as written in Mathew 28.

ICTA Website receives over 100,000 hits yearly. ICTA Blog receives over 2500 hits monthly. Through highly focused web advertising, the ICTA name appears over 24,000,000 times yearly on computers screens worldwide.

Additionally, Scott and the ICTA Pro Team speak at churches and events.

Future ministry projects currently under development:



International Christian Tennis Association membership has expressed interest in attending together on professional tennis tours the world’s four most famous tennis events: Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. ICTA has facilitated negotiations for partnership/mentorship with the world’s two largest tennis tour operators, the founders of whom are ICTA members.

ICTA is pro actively seeking land to build a fully functional tennis facility. This tennis facility will offer tennis services to the local community, and be the official international home of ICTA and ICTA Academy.

The location will will consist of a minimum of 6 tennis courts and a pro shop, player housing, and will be officially recognized and promoted within ICTA contacts in over 71 countries to become an international hub of world class, professional, and Olympic tennis training; and a Christian home for those in need.


Snapshots of ICTA in Action!

Snapshots of ICTA in Action!



  1. elmie said,

    Dear everyone !

    It is refreshing to come to a beautiful Christian website of tennis people! I didn’t know you existed. Every day (or perhaps every 3 hours), I get Googles-Alert about MARTINA HINGIS. I’m a long-time fan!

    That was how I found the ICTA.

    Thank you for the wonderful things that are written here about her.

    On the Dedications page of my new novel titled “____________,” published by a North American company, Martina’s name is listed … though not necessarily a dedication. What is mentioned there is something, “To so and so people of the Martina Hingis Fan Community, led by ….. ”

    I would very much have loved to dedicate the novel to her, too, but I was a bit hesitant … Over the years, she hasn’t made contact with that Martina-fan group to which I belong, although we’ve tried to reach her. Never mind.

    Has she been in touch with you?

    For now, I just wish to express my joy in having found your website. It is great to know that I have so many brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus who love tennis. And, I hope you won’t mind my mentioning my novel here. It is a project which I know has been in the care of our Lord.

    I will always think of you, and I wish you all a lovely blessed weekend, stepping onto the new winter up there …. and summer here down-under Western Australia.

    Love in our Lord Jesus

  2. Karen said,

    Can you help me?

    I’ve been at the ITCA web site for nearly an hour. We are already members. I just signed my daughter up as well.

    I want to make a contribution of $30 so i can replace the t-shirt (now faded) we bought for her from you folks at Cincinnati two years ago.

    Yet i cannot find any link, email, phone number on the site to do this. Just a thought, but it might be wise to have a large log or link right on the web site that says, Donate.

    It shouldn’t be so hard to make a contribution to a wonderful organization. Please tell me how to do this, so i can get the gift before Christmas.

    God bless you. Karen Lake Elmo, MN

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