March 20, 2008

Pain on the Journey to WTA Tennis Fame?

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What do you personally do when you see someone being harmed illegally?

Let’s say you see someone totally defenseless being hurt… maybe a baby in a locked car with the windows up on a hot summer day..dscf3959.jpg. and the car’s engine is off. What would you do? Be honest.

(Anastasia Kharchenko (WTA) and “Lucy.” Harmed by tennis coaches. Both now have voice!)

Would you walk by and pretend you saw nothing? Would you call the police or emergency rescue for help? Would you bash in a window and allow the heat to escape? Be honest.

Most decent people would want to help.

But, what about those people who refuse to help. Sicker still, what about those people who receive some sort of enjoyment from seeing others hurt. And, what if the people who refuse to help or the people who gain enjoyment from the pain of others are in positions of power?

Unfortunately, this type of sickness is happening all over the global tennis industry. I know because over the last nearly decade I’ve compiled a list of graphic abuses forced on under age children in tennis by Satanists, homosexual and heterosexual pedophiles, famous tennis coaches, atheists, tennis academy owners, pro tennis players….

In tennis, there are people who are in difficult situations worldwide. You’ve often heard me speak up about under age kids being harmed.

You’ve heard my opinions and you’ve seen me back up my words with action. Change is happening in tennis… as you can plainly see from my last blog entry about how the WTA is now finally demanding criminal background checks on all WTA player coaches…

… which won’t even come close to fixing everything and isn’t nearly everything I wanted, but it is a start and does send a global message throughout women’s sports….

You’ve seen me screaming from the rooftops and soapboxes in places worldwide. Honestly, though, who gives a rip what I say. I’m obviously a nobody. I’m just one voice in millions of tennis voices. In no way am I THE authority on anything… nor is my opinion greater than yours.

The real question is, what does the Bible say?

What does the Bible teach us about those who are helpless. Has God given us any clues as to how He wants us to protect and preserve the rights of the abused.

Let’s take a look…

” The people who lived there were powerless; they were frightened and shunned. They were like grass in a field or weeds growing on a roof when the hot east wind blasts them.” Isaiah 37:27 (TEV)

nigeria-trip1-031.jpgHow do we recognize the face of a powerless person?

Again, let’s look to the Bible… and notice the guy from Cyrene…

“The soldiers led Jesus away, and as they were going, they met a man from Cyrene named Simon, who was coming into the city from the country. They seized him, put the cross on him, and made him carry it behind Jesus.” Luke 23:26 (TEV)

(Melody Snelen being cheered up by local Nigerian youth in Benin City after losing 2 hr match to eventual Finalist, Nowack. All here are faces of the abused. Melody now has voice!)

Back in Jesus’ day, people from Cyrene most likely had black skin, thus were basically considered less than equals to the locals. Notice the guards took Simon because they could see he was not local (of their status)!

1. The powerless are many times considered second class citizens

“… a man from Cyrene who was coming into the city from the country.”

2. The powerless many times have no one to protect them.

“… and they seized him…”

3. The powerless feel they are trapped and have no way of escape.

“…put the cross on him and made him carry it…”

Who are the powerless around us?

“Jesus said, ‘I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was shivering and you gave me clothes, I was sick and you stopped to visit, I was in prison and you came to see me.’ ” Mathew 25: 35-36 (MSG)

1. Many children around the world… born and the unborn.

“But if you give these children a hard time, bullying or taking advantage of their simple trust, you’ll soon wish you hadn’t. You’d be better off dropped in the middle of a lake with a millstone around your neck.” Mathew 18:6 (MSG)

“Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you.” Jeremiah 1:5 (MSG)

2. Those discriminated against… by minority, race, social status.

“Don’t look down on me because of my skin color…” Song of Solomon 1:6 (TEV)

“You then, why do you judge your brother? Or why do you look down on your brother? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat.” Romans 14:10 (NIV)

3. Those that are trapped due to illness, low income, or abandonment.nigeria-trip1-406.jpg

“Destruction is certain for those who issue unfair laws. They deprive the poor, the widows, and the orphans of justice. Yes, the rob widows and fatherless children!” Isaiah 10:1-2 (NLT)

(Rach and Mel w/ local physically handicapped Nigerians trying to stay alive in 3rd world conditions)

” ‘At that time I will put you on trial. I will speak against those who cheat employees of their wages, oppress widows and orphans, or who deprive the aliens living among you of justice, for these people do not fear me,’ says the Lord Almighty.” Malachi 3:5 (NLT)

Bringing hope to the powerless.

“God deliberately chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And He chose those who are powerless to shame those who are powerful.” 1 Corinthians 1:27 (NLT)

1. Reaching out to the powerless with compassion.

“You insult your maker when you exploit the powerless; when you’re kind to the poor, you honor God.” Proverbs 14:31 (MSG)

nigeria-trip1-011.jpg“When I am with those who are oppressed, I share their oppression so that I might bring them to Christ.” 1 Corinthians 9:22 (NLT)

(Ana w/ Nigerian youth after winning qualifier match for the first of two ITF Pro tournaments she won in Benin City)

2. Speak out for the powerless with conviction.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those who are perishing. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.” Proverbs 31:8-9 (NLT)

3. Standing up for the powerless with courage.

“Your job is to stand up for the powerless, and to prosecute all those who exploit them.” Psalms 82:4 (MSG)

Truth to stand on…

There is only one person who can truly set people free.

“You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for you and me.” Romans 5:6 (NIV)

The challenge: Will we be willing to respond to those God places before us?

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

January 27, 2008

How To Become a Christian…

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When Denise Met Jesus

by Scott Paschal, ICTA Founder

Wow, I really don’t know where to begin.

I’m so excited as I type this!

A native Bahamian lady approached me on the beach to sell me a t-shirt… and she left a Christian.

How wonderful to be used by God; to have Him work through me at such a random time to bring her to a new life in Christ.

I have the best feeling in the world inside of me. I even gave her my favorite Bible. Awesome!

If you have a couple of minutes, grab a coke or something and get comfortable.

I’ll back up a bit and explain how all this happened…

A few weeks ago, I was invited by John Ippolitto, my friend and the owner of Sports Group International, to assist in running a top I.C. U16 junior team tournament being held at an “All Inclusive” top of the line resort in the Bahamas. Team USA, Team Canada, Team Bahamas, and Team Mexico played their hearts out in this action packed adventure in team competition.

As I was given a week free for myself and a couple of guests at this amazing vacation destination resort, I invited two of my fulltime Christian tennis academy students, Marek Czerwinski and Joe.  Marek is #1 B18 USTA.  

Since we were going to be there for a week and would have plenty of down time after matches, ICTA decided turn this into a mission trip to reach the locals in Nassau.

Marek Czerwinski and Joe Beck, two of my academy students, came with me. Though Joe could only stay a few days due to prior commitments. Marek hit with the teams, and Joe assisted me in my daily responsibilities.

One day, while I was sitting on the beautiful beach writing an article, a native lady approached. As she asked me if I would like to buy a t-shirt, I felt compelled to share my faith. I politely declined to make a purchase, then I looked directly at her and told her I needed to ask her a very serious question. She stopped and waited.

I then asked her if she was a Christian, if she had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She said no, but that lately she had been attending church and reading the New Testament Bible.

I asked her if she believed in God. She said yes. Since she believed in God, I asked her if she believed the Old Testament was true. She said yes, and then she sat down on the white beach sand next to my chair. I seemed to have caught her interest. The weather was beautiful. Sunny, 80 degrees, light wind coming in from a crystal clear blue ocean. Her name was Denise and she was wearing a red hat and a red shirt. Denise carried a pleasant smile and a caring, patient attitude.

As Denise believed in the validity Old Testament, I then explained to her how the Old Testament was filled with prophesies of the coming Messiah. I decided to follow in Paul’s footsteps to help open Denise’s eyes…

I asked Denise if she chose the city where she was born? She smiled and said no. I asked her if , before she was born, she chose her family? She smiled again and said no. I asked her if it would be a miracle if, before they were born, someone could choose the city in which they would be born ,and also choose the family where they would come from? She said yes and laughed!

I then told Denise that God used his prophets to announce where the Messiah would be born, the exact city, in fact, and which family line He would come from. She nodded quietly. I then told her that I have located not just one or two, but 425 “Old Testament” prophesies which have come true in the life of Christ!

We slowly went through about a dozen of them. Denise’s eyes watered up under her dark sunglasses. I went on to further explain that the odds of just 48 prophesies coming true in the life of one man isn’t just 1 in 10 or even 1 in 100. The odds of just 48 prophesies coming true in the life of one man is 1 in 10 to the 157 power.

She couldn’t comprehend that so I explained…

“Imagine red poker chips side by side covering every inch of this beach. Then, covering every inch of this island. Now visualize every inch of land in America, Russia, and China covered with these red poker chips. Now picture all the land in the entire world blanketed with red poker chips laying side by side. Every bit of land everywhere on earth is covered with red poker chips.” She pictured this and smiled curiously.

“Now,” I resumed, “on the back of one of these red chips is a fat, white stripe. This uniquely marked poker chip has been placed somewhere in the world with the white stripe down. And there is only on chip like it!”

Denise nodded.

“Now Denise, I’m going to give you just one chance to find that marked poker chip. You get just one chance. You can go anywhere in the world to try to find this poker chip, but remember, you only get one chance and you can only choose one chip.”

Denise smiled and said she could never find he poker chip with the white stripe. She said it would be impossible to find it with one try on his beach, much less the whole world!

I laughed and said, ” Well Denise, those are the same odds of someone’s life fulfilling just 48 prophesies! The life of Christ fulfilled over 400!” After I said this I looked around and noticed a small crowd gathering in the chairs around us. They were politely listening.

Denise became very quiet. Her eyes were fixed on mine. She wiped away a tear.

I then asked her if maybe God was trying to reach her today? She said yes. As she believed in God I decided to go a step further. Like Paul, I had established the legitimacy of Christ as the Messiah by his fulfillment of the prophesies.

Now, like Jesus, I wanted to use God’s laws to open Denise’s heart to understanding the need for Christ. This way of ministry I learned from a terrific preacher named Ray Comfort.

I asked Denise if she feels she is a good person. She said yes. I asked her if I could ask her a few questions so we could see if this was true. She agreed.

I asked Denise if she had ever told a lie, no matter how small or how long ago. She said yes. I said me, too. I asked her what that makes her? She said a liar. I asked her if she had ever stolen anything? She said yes. I asked her what does that make her? She said a thief.

I asked Denise if she had ever used God’s name as a cuss word. She said yes. I told her that was blasphemy and it was very serious. Lastly, I explained to Denise that the 7th Commandment of God is to not commit adultery, but Jesus took this a step further and said that if we even look with lust we have committed adultery in our hearts. I asked Denise if she had ever looked with lust, even just once. She said yes.

I told Denise that by her own admission she was a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart.

I asked Denise that when she stands before God on her judgment day, would she be found innocent or guilty. She quietly said guilty, as tears streamed down her face onto the fluffy, beach sand. I asked her if she would go to heaven or hell.

She whispered, “Hell.”

Her eyes never moved from mine. I said, “Denise, do you really want to go to hell?” She said no.

I asked her if she knew what to do to be able to go to heaven. She said no. I then explained how Jesus paid the fine for her sins… breaking the ten commandments. That through the death and resurrection of Jesus, her sins could be forgiven.

I asked Denise if she would like to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She said yes. I asked her to pray. I told Denise she must turn from her sin life, believe Jesus is the Son of God, that He died on the cross to pay the fine for our sins, and He was brought back to life the 3rd day.

This she prayed as she wept.

I asked Denise if she had a Bible. By now a crowd of people had gathered in the chairs around us, most out of curiosity. All were quiet and respectful. Denise said she did have a Bible and she pulled a tiny new testament Bible from her waist pack. It was well worn and about the size of a deck of cards. She stared at her Bible. I told her she needed to read her Bible daily and do what it says.

In my Prince shoulder bag I had bought with me to the beach, I had all my stuff… pencils, paper, books, sunscreen. I also had my favorite Bible. One of my ministry buddies in Alabama owned a Bible I really liked. In fact, I had liked it for a long time and one day I asked him about it. He said he loved it.

It had a soft, squishy, tan leather cover and was a good size to hold easily. His wife sent one to me a week or so later! I was thrilled and I carried this Bible with me everywhere. One day, when I am able to preach, I looked forward to carrying this Bible with me.

Well, I knew my favorite Bible was in my Prince bag as Denise looked at her worn Bible. I reached into my bag and told her I would like her to have my Bible. Though I kind of didn’t want to lose my Bible, I felt God was asking me to give it to Denise. She took it quietly and nodded.

She held it closely against her chest, then she placed it against her face. I saw the leather soak in a tear. I looked around and noticed others had tears in their eyes. At least 30 people had gathered around us. I hadn’t noticed so many. When she first came over it was just me and Denise.

What a wonderful moment in my life. To be used by God in such an unexpected time.

As you read this, please know I am not trying to bring attention to myself. I am not trying to brag or say, “Look at me.” Maybe a few years ago when I was less mature as a Christian, I would have done something stupid like that, but I’ve grown a lot since and I’m working hard to not try to be the center of attention, which, as the baby of the family and a tennis pro, takes some work.

I’m writing about this because I am so excited to see God work at such a random time. And I’m excited because I didn’t shy away from following through on His call.

I am so excited because this doesn’t happen to me very often.

The majority of my time is spent on a tennis court with my students or behind a computer screen building and maintaining what the International Sports Coalition on MSNBC has called “One of the top 100 sports ministries in the world.”

I work 90+ hours a week and seldom have the opportunity to evangelize in person. I coach tennis, I cook for hungry teens, I develop large scale mission trips which reach thousands, I buy and distribute 1000’s of Christian books and Bibles, I train and disciple missionaries… I do many things such as these as I feel I am called to be the support system to help my students evangelize.

Though I love to evangelize and know one day I will be a fulltime preacher, in this season of my life I am called to disciple others and raise the funds to send them into the world to follow the Great Commission.

So as “Mr. Computer” or “Coach Scotty” I seldom am able to have such an awe inspiring opportunity to reach someone for Christ one on one and at such a random time!

On this mission trip to the Bahamas, God opened many doors for ICTA. In fact, Marek and I are still in awe with what happened each day. Both of us watched God work in and through our lives daily to show us He is real and that He is faithful.

I was just sitting on the beach reading my new book by the Newsboys called Shine: Make them wonder what you’ve got; and writing an article for an upcoming newsletter. The weather was perfect, the water crystal clear, the sun was shining., the food at the resort was great… it all seemed so neat. Yet, as nice as it was…

it became so much nicer when Denise met Jesus.

God bless,

Coach Scotty

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written and published in January 2006.

January 15, 2008

Scott Paschal Confronts Suicide in Tennis

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“If I had the kind of influence you gain by winning a Grand Slam, you’d see me sharing my Christian faith on every tennis TV show, tennis magazine, newspaper and at major tennis events worldwide… kind of like what Billy Jean King does as she promotes homosexuality, but with Jesus as the main focus instead of sex. What are people in tennis doing to truly support youth?” Scott Paschal



Few things hurt more than seeing young lives tragically end.

What I’m about to write will be considered shocking and controversial within the political correctness which is today’s tennis world.

Suicide fills the minds of today’s teens. 1 in 12 teens attempt suicide each year. You don’t want to know how many suicidal tennis players I’ve known, or how much I’ve had to do to keep these kids alive.

From junior tournaments to college tournaments and even to the 2008 Australian Open main draw, players are alive today and able to compete because of God working through my willingness to help young people who found death as their only answer.

I’m not saying this to pat myself on the back. I’m trying to point out that just about everywhere you look kids, and adults, have bought into the satanic lie that death is the answer to their problems. And I want you to know that one person with a willing heart can make a big, positive difference.

Teens today hurt. They hurt more than ever. Armed with laptop computers, cell phones, IPODS, video games, instant messaging, Facebook & MySpace, and high speed internet access 24/7, kids in today’s world are being taught isolation and are committing suicide in record numbers.

The stuff they think is fun is isolating them from Jesus. It shows.

I wonder if Satan is laughing?

He has taken sin to a whole new level. Now, more than ever before, sin is cool.

rach-087.jpgI was talking to one of my Christian tennis academy students who recently spent a few months at arguably the most famous tennis academy in Spain.

Among all players and coaches, he was most probably the only Christian on campus.

Aside from discussing their “high performance” tennis training which he described as pretty basic stuff, he filled me in on the questionable activities permitted the students by the academy owner and coaches. The tennis academy has about 100 full time students.birthdaydillo-105closeup.jpg

A quick rundown of shocking activities he learned of which are not found in the shiny brochures and cool web site… a female prostitute stays near the tennis academy property for sex with male players, coaches “unofficially” endorsing male players being with prostitutes to keep players from wanting full time girlfriends, players having sex with each other.

Players also leave their dorms and host homes late on Saturday nights and go to adult clubs until 7am Sunday morning. Players are having sex with people they meet at clubs, drinking alcohol & getting drunk, steroid use “unofficially” encouraged by select coaches for certain players, obscene language from players and coaches, players allowed to gamble in casinos….

The kid explaining everything to me isn’t some goody-two-shoes, holier than though junior. After his first month there, he got caught up in the mess, too. He is an amazing kid who trustingly went to Spain to improve his game, and got caught in a tornado of sin.

(In defense of the academy, I don’t know if any of the statements are true, though I do know the player well and have no reason to doubt him, and I have been informed about many of the same problems by other players, including a top 40 pro player I coached full time who competes in Grand Slams.)

I guess for teens raised in a worldly environment without hope, that all can look like a fun time. The tennis academy wants to make a lot of money, so they avoid confronting the players basically to the point of endorsing the lifestyle.

julia-scotty.jpgTo an already hurting and isolated generation add alcohol, drugs, sexual addiction, STDs, pornography, gambling, homosexual activity, eating disorders, physical abuse, and so much more… and suicide numbers increase dramatically.

What is the Christian tennis world doing to help? Nothing, really. They’re afraid to.

Even Christian former Grand Slam champions seem to be afraid to outwardly share their faith in fear of being rejected by the tennis establishment they have seemingly grown to adore being worshiped by.

If I had the kind of influence you gain by winning a Grand Slam, you’d see me sharing my faith on every tennis TV show, tennis magazine, newspaper… (kind of like what Billy Jean King does as she promotes homosexuality, but with Jesus as the main focus instead of sex.)

Christian tennis coaches quickly hide their Christian faith in fear of offending a person facing eternity in Hell. It gets ridiculous….

I wonder if Satan is amused? The thought of that hacks me off.pacific-life-2007-day-3-035.jpg

Not to long ago I was faced with one of Satan’s newest jokes. I discovered it about the time I was teaching some people the importance of serving in a strong, Bible based church.

First, before I tell you, let me ask you a question. If you were Satan and you didn’t want Jesus to come back and end your rule on earth, what would you do? Probably make sin cool and acceptable while teaching Christians the need to not offend others, right?

Sure, because that would slow the spread of the Gospel worldwide and you would have more time to lead people to Hell.

leadership-conference-miami-068.jpgThat said, want to hear what I’ve recently discovered… possibly his newest joke!?

I actually couldn’t believe it when a friend told me. I had to discover it for my self…

One of the hottest trends designed by mega-church pastors in the Christian world is to plant pastor-less churches all over America!

Yes, churches are being planted which have no pastor. People actually sit in a building and watch a “live” broadcast from a church far away. And it’s a hot new trend all the “cool” mega-pastors are doing.scott-speaking-trips-033.jpg

Honestly, I couldn’t believe it when I first heard about it.

I can just hear Satan chuckle.

My pastor in my teens and early 20s helped keep me alive! He hugged me, he fed me, he prayed for me, he advised me. Without him, I would be dead.

I’m living proof of the need for us to have a pastor serving a congregation.

Teens are killing themselves in record numbers, famous Christians in tennis hide their faith in Christ, and our trendy Christian leaders are planting churches without pastors.

What happened to Christians who boldly stood up and demanded to be heard!? Why are there so many wimps? Why have so many geldings been created who are afraid of a defeated foe? Why are we developing a generation of isolation?

Again, can’t you just hear Satan’s demonic giggle?

I realize there isn’t much I can do about any of this. Hopefully, when you read this you show some resolve and call or email me. I need your help.

043_43.jpgMy ministry could reach over 3,000,000 tennis fans at major pro tournaments, plus every major tennis academy worldwide, with enough prayer and financial support partners.

We could partner together to offer free Christian materials to literally millions of tennis players and fans worldwide.

Though there is a lot I can’t change overnight, one thing I can do is help the people God sends to me.

Remember my full time Christian tennis academy student, “Lucy”, the one who was at the world famous tennis academy and tried to take her life? She is doing very well. She and her family are amazed at the radical changes in her life. Her non-Christian family is becoming curious about Jesus!

A young teen bent on suicide who was a victim of abuse in tennis has overcome Satan’s attacks and is falling deeper in love with Jesus. Now, she’s pretty awesome to be around… and man, how inspiring her testimony has become.

Tennis is basically the sport of the richest people in the world. These people have influence.dscf2365.jpg

Reach them and you reach culture.

If you have ideas or thoughts to help partner with me to confront sin, please call me right now. 386 793 0557. Don’t wait.

My student is going back to Spain soon. We are busily preparing him to be an effective missionary to the tennis academy.

He is immersing himself in facts about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus… and the authenticity of the Bible. He’s getting back to a strong prayer life. We are working together to write a Christian booklet in English, Russian, and Spanish he will work to publish this month and then give away by the hundreds to other players.

Plus, I’m working him out on the tennis court at a much higher level than anyone at that academy receives so the kids will notice a drastically improved player than the one who left. This kid really wants to make a difference.zgroupnasseratlantamed.jpg

You can make a difference.


God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

2008 Christian Tennis Devotionals

October 13, 2007

Scott Paschal Deals with Abusive Tennis Coaches

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Oftentimes the tennis world tends to focus on the “shiny” side of the sport. There certainly is a lot of upside to tennis. Personally, I love the sport. And I would think millions would agree with me that tennis is a great form of exercise and fun.

Yet, in my 8 years in tennis ministry, especially as a coach of pro players and world class juniors, I’ve seen some of the “rust” tennis has created. I’m not just talking about the legions of angry tennis parents at junior events, or tennis pros who cheat while coaching at tournaments. Heck, Bolleterri himself recently recently bragged on his web site about all the cheating he has done over the years.

The “rust” I’m talking about is serious stuff. Not that I condone cheating, but I’d like to go deeper.

I have a new player here with me. She is a teen and has trained for years at one of the most famous tennis academies in the world. It didn’t go so good for her there. Recently, she wanted to take her life. I won’t mention her name or the name of the academy or the coaches who allegedly abused her. That’s not the point of this blog. There will be a time for that, but not here, not now, and in another arena

She claims she had dealt with weeks and months and years of coaches brainwashing her into thinking she was fat, slow, and a terrible tennis player. She says they ordered her to vomit her food, not eat in the daytime, and convinced her she was grotesque. I don’t know about them, but a teen girl who is 5’7″ and 130lbs is anything but fat!

Tennis-wise, she has little to show for the years at that academy. She is still hits like a beginner. Her father paid maybe around $50,000 a year… for the coaches to antagonize her self-esteem, and for her tennis to go nowhere. She talks about the players… cussing, cheating, lying, back-stabbing, gossiping. I’ve heard about boys and girls sleeping with each other in dorms at night… pornography on the computers… drugs… alcohol. And she was made fun of for being a new Christian….

Sad, isn’t it? She went to that famous tennis academy to reach her dreams, and left suicidal.

To be fair, I don’t know the whole story. Maybe she was the problem, and everyone else was great. Who knows? The problem is I hear stories like this weekly. I see patterns emerging that most people in tennis have no awareness about.  I tend to get the tough emails and spend a good bit of time connecting people with others who can assist their situation.

Kids and parents need to know tennis academies are not for everyone. Especially if the player has a history of abuse or mental illness. Or if the coaching system has a lack of respect for females. I’ve seen first-hand some horrific examples of coach abuse of male coaches towards female players… I type from experience in trying to repair the damaged player, and from dealing with the abusive coaches. I’ve seen girls who have been raised in incredible families have their young lives basically destroyed by unaccountable coaches at tennis academies. And I’ve seen girls with difficult family backgrounds have the same.

Unfortunately, there is no “hotline” for abused players to call. At least not yet.

Well, I am grateful God has placed this girl in our path. She seems to be doing better. Today she smiled. It was a pretty smile. I have her reading a couple of neat books… Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now, and Lee Stroebel’s A Case for a Creator (Student Edition). She needs positive stuff in her life right now. She needs to know God is real and has a plan for her. This approach worked well with top pros I have helped, and others, and I pray it will work well with her. I really like Joel’s book for foreign players who have been through hard times. They seem to grab onto it like a life raft.

Please keep this new player in your prayers. To protect her identity, I’ll call her Lucy as I send updates your way.

Tennis certainly has many positive upsides and is a great sport. Yet, there is much pain and grief associated with it. I hope in some small way some player out there reading this may discover God does love them and wants to reach out to them. Lucy is moving forward. You can too. Give me a call at 386 793 0557, or send me an email to

God bless, Scott Paschal

September 15, 2007

Christian Tennis Facility

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Just a quick note to inform our ICTABLOG family worldwide that I’ve submitted our ideas and drawings for ICTA’s tennis facility to a premier architect firm who is now working on blueprints and artwork. I’d like to ask for your prayers for the blueprints to be completely accurate and the artwork to be inspiring, and prayers for those doing so much work on both.

God is working in bringing ICTA towards a tennis facility to shine for Him within the tennis world globally. Donors and investors have been found for start-up building expenses…ICTA has developed relationships with two bankers for potential building loans or lines of credit… USPTA master pro and high performance tennis professionals, as well as current pro tour coaches, have committed to working at our facility when it is operational, students worldwide are ready to train full time with ICTA, an administrative staff and an advisory board is in place.

Now begins the next step in a yearslong journey of faith. One that has started and stopped several times. Thank you for your prayers.

Scott Paschal

August 6, 2007

Scott Paschal Receives Letter from Anastasia Kharchenko!

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Hello there!

Much has been happening around the International Christian Tennis Association since I last checked in!

I’ll write a bit more than usual this week to help fill each of you in. God is so good and I want to tell you about all He has done!!

Today, I’d like to share with a card I received from Ana, my “adopted” daughter from Kiev, Ukraine who has trained with me now for nearly a year.

For those of you who don’t know Ana…ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team met Ana in Juarez, Mexico, during an ITF Pro Circuit tournament. Ana was in a very difficult situation with an abusive coach. Her father was notified of the situation, and Ana was allowed to immediately fly to Florida to ICTA.

Ana soon became a Christian…and feels God came to find her in her darkest hour. Her testimony of faith is amazing. She has a goal to become a top pro player and share her faith & help others in need. I’m 100% agreed with helping her!

Anastasia is back home in Kiev until August and I miss her tremendously. Not only do I miss her, but everyone at Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy misses her, as well!

I’ll write more tomorrow or Friday about International Christian Tennis Association’s amazing mission trips to Lexington, Kentucky, and then to Washington DC for the Legg Mason Tennis Classic!

Be sure to check back for updates!

Here’s my Ana…

Dear Scott,

First I want to say how much I miss you. All positive things that I do now coming from your patient teaching. I want to say THANK YOU so much for all things that you taught me. It helps me now a lot.

Everyone who is around me noticed that my actions are very mature. I grew in my tennis game and in my social life, too!

I got back to Ukraine where is everything is still the same (even worse), but I see all of that in different way.

Now I know how to respond with different types of people and give them a thought in their minds about Jesus after my answer or reaction.

There is so many things I want to say about what works in my life that you taught me, but it can’t fit all in this little (tiny) card. This is card I want to show you a tiny part of my appreciation for all your work in my life.

I’m always thanking God for you. Because it’s not only in my life you did so much work & made a difference, but in each student’s life that is in ICTA.

And you doing it all from your heart!!! Having you in my life-it’s a blessing!

Love you & miss you a lot! You’re unbelievable.

God bless you,


July 9, 2007

Scott Paschal’s Blessed Life: Why I Am Thankful

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So much goes on around International Christian Tennis Association headquarters in just a week. This picture collage represents a small portion of the activities, but they do give an idea of the awesome time my students are having as they grow in their faith and in tennis! Every one of my students feels loved and cared about.

They are all very happy and feel great about the positive growth occurring within. I am so glad to have the opportunity to be a part of their life story in this season of their lives. When a student comes to train with me, my main discipleship focus is off the tennis court.

These kids are not tennis academy students! They are disciples of Jesus Christ who happen to play tennis. Sure these kids hit for 4 to 5 hours a day!! Sure, the WTA ranked players I coach hit crazy hard! Of course every member of my junior guy’s 15-17 team basically tries to destroy the tennis ball every day twice a day!

And then there is 7am footwork training… mountain biking… flexibility… hours of ping pong working hand/eye coordination… balance training… massive core training… plyometrics… strength training in the hot Florida sun… and strong Florida tournaments on the weekend!!!

But, more important than the 5-7 hours a day, 5-6 days a week of world class tennis training is the hours and hours of they spend off court diving deeper into Christ! Bibles studies… Christian concerts… Christian leadership seminars… Sunday church… mission trips to famous professional tournaments… mission trips to their own junior tournaments where they compete… Christian videos… public speaking opportunities… Christian books studies… learning how to prepare a sermon… teamwork… accountability… transparency… and fellowship.

These Christian tennis missionaries serve as an example to you that God can use all of us to reach others! You are important and special.Let’s take these pictures of my tennis missionary students & friends from the top left first row and go right as I explain a little about each pic…

Rachel Snelen and Melody Snelen with a friend in Atlanta who works in the Christian music industry…. Melody with a former 2003 ICTA academy student now competing on the pro tour, and a college girl the ICTA pro team helped lead to Christ…Melody Snelen and Emma with a Church youth group they spoke to Wednesday evening… 3 members of the Women’s Pro Tennis Team with Breck Henderson, my friend of 8 years, and a Jewish girl who recently accepted Christ through God working through the pro team and two special tennis missionaries in Israel…… Melody Snelen playing pro tennis.

Second row… my special Ukrainian unofficially adopted daughter, Anastasia Kharchenko, and me… Shantel Tavita ready for Church… 13 year old Adam whose Dad is my friend and whose family have been my neighbors for the last 3+ years… pros and juniors I coach hanging out at my kitchen table… Newbs and Ana riding mountain bikes.

Third row… Mark from Mexico, who I have coached for a year, with Ana (almost 1 year) and Newb (3 years)… me and Ana by my Jeep after practice… Mark forehand… my boy’s 11-14 tennis team… Shantel with WTA player friend.

Fourth row… Rachel Snelen and Melody Snelen with their 94 year old grandmother… Ana and Mel giving Bearby a bath in my front yard… Rach donating my Chevy Suburban to a pastor in Texas who will take it to Mexico and give it to a pastor without a car… amazing Emma working on a scrapbook… David from Australia smiling during practice.

Bottom row… Anastasia doing bookkeeping for me… Ana forehand… David and Newbs… Rachel Snelen forehand… Ana and Newbs.

I am so thankful for the many blessings God has given me. Just look at these terrific people! I am honored to call them my friends. Life truly is so short and I have come to cherish every moment I have with the students God has placed in my life. I’ve coached for over half of my life! I’ve coached kids who now have kids! Jordan, Justin, Toby, Elaine… they are all in their mid-20s now! Wow… and ouch.

A couple of quick notes… my book is coming along nicely. This book will become ICTA’s gift book and is packed full of tennis related stories of faith and hope. Today, I finished a chapter totally dedicated to Ruth! I think junior and pro tennis girls will love that chapter.

Also, ICTA is welcoming a new ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team member beginning July 27! A neat gal who wanted to come train and intern with me 1.5 years ago, but was warned not to by her non-Christian parents, is finally on her way! This special soon to be 26 year old kid will be so great to have around. She has felt driven to come here in spite of the oppression and God has finally opened the doors. God is so good!

And finally, to the anonymous “Christian” person who sent me hate email claiming I’m not qualified to minister, have a ridiculous ministry, am not worthy to share the Gospel, and many other things I can’t write here… thanks for your opinion… and you’re right! I am not worthy… I’m an idiot. I am absolutely not worthy to share anything God has created and I’m the first to say I’m worth less than pig poo without Jesus in my life… I’m just an idiot!!

But, my anonymous blogger friend, I’m God’s idiot.

And when He called me into ministry, I’m pretty sure He didn’t ask your opinion first! He called, I followed, He has blessed my life, Satan has attacked, God blesses more for my faithfulness… and there you go.

My life is such a blessed life. God has given so many special and wonderful opportunities to me to serve Him. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else doing anything else!

God bless!!

Scott Paschal
386 793 0557

July 4, 2007

"Me…Scott Paschal… the most high profile Christian in tennis ….!??"

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Hello there! This is Scott Paschal. That’s me in the middle up there having a picture taken with my tennis academy students. For those of you new to the International Christian Tennis Association, ICTA, this blog is our online magazine designed to keep you up to date and informed on the happenings of our ministry. It’s a free resource for you!

Our goal with our magazine is to offer an insider’s point of view to help our readers feel included, even if they’re secretly logged in from as far away as Tehran, Iran or Istanbul, Turkey. All are welcome!

The pics I’ve placed on this blog are from recent Christian event my wonderful Christian tennis academy students attended with me! We enjoyed a tremendous time at the event!

I’d like introduce you to these fine Christian tennis players who have a heart to serve Jesus and a massive passion for top junior or pro tennis.

From right to left… Shantel Tavita (1 year) , Rachel Snelen (7 years), Melody Snelen (7 years), Jon (3 years), Emma Hustad (summer 07), Josh (summer 07), Anastasia Kharchenko (1 year), Mark (1 year), David (summer 07), Rand (summer 07). Countries represented are Samoa, USA, Ukraine, and Mexico. Not pictured, Brendan from Trinidad. Other students coming in during July and August not pictured.

This last week has been so blessed. Doors are opening for ICTA that only God can open. I am learning so much about Christian ministry, life, empathy for others, letting go and letting God take over.

I’d like to share a phone call with you. A guy called me recently for an interview. Honestly, at first I didn’t trust him, so I agreed to just 5 minutes. His first question was a shocker! He asked point blank… “Are you aware you are the most high profile Christian in tennis right now?”

The way he said “the” echoed in my brain for what seemed like an hour. I politely disagreed in my own unique Italian way, which possibly sounded like a cat getting a bath, mentioned I am just a pretty stubborn behind the scenes type of guy and am nothing at all more than a happy donkey being ridden by Christ’s purpose for my life… and I quickly changed the subject.

Me…??… the… NOT!

We spoke for longer than 5 minutes and I believe the fella is now an advocate for our ministry. I talk to a lot of folks each week, but that phone call stood out.

I’d also like to mention a friend of mine came to stay with us for a couple days. Like me, he’s a tennis/ministry type of guy. I enjoyed having him around and look forward to God’s purpose for our friendship. The kids enjoyed him also… though Mark probably didn’t enjoy getting destroyed 21-9 by him in ping-pong last night!

God bless each of you reading today. Thank you for your soo many phone calls and emails of support as ICTA reaches for Christ into the tennis industry and beyond.

Wherever you are and whatever your situation, know Jesus loves you even when it seems like no one else does.

Scott Paschal

June 23, 2007

International Christian Tennis Association: Thanks for Asking

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Hello, this is Scott Paschal. I’m really enjoying watching God work in the lives of these tennis missionaries which are invading my house, blessing my life, and claiming a spot in my heart here in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida!

Each young person has a really unique personality and each has come to really bond with the others, which is so rare in today’s world! From these close bonds they learn trust and are willing to let others into their worlds.

Where are the students I’m working with this summer from?

Ukraine… Australia… USA… Trinidad… Samoa… and Mexico. The majority of my wonderful kids I’ve been blessed to coach and mentor have parents who are in ministry… pastors, worship leaders, church planting missionaries.

I am always amazed at the incredible difference between secular parents and Christian parents in ministry. The respect given to me, to their children, and to the other students by these rare individuals is so special and different. I’m blessed and my little Christian tennis academy is blessed.

God is blessing my upcoming plans as well. This is an important time in my life. When I began ICTA back in 1999, I gave myself 10 years to learn about ministry. To see if I could be used by God to make any kind of positive difference for the Kingdom. 8 years later I’m still in ministry and God has blessed every step.

I didn’t know if I would last this long as I’m just like most of you, full of faults and have never been to seminary. I was pretty much an ignorant moron my first few years in ministry and spent a lot of time with my foot in my mouth as I battled my pride and my need to do it all on my own. Well, I lived through the first 8 years and have 2 years left.

As I said, this is an important time in my personal ministry. I’ve put off having a family, I’ve put off making $, I’ve really sacrificed everything that most people don’t sacrifice… and now I’m heading into the home stretch.

What’s the next 24 months going to bring? God willing some neat stuff. I’ll keep quiet about it now but I would like to ask you to keep me in your prayers. Please also keep my family and my friends in your prayers. Satan seems to be somewhat concerned about me and has used his people for several years to attack my family and friends, and members of the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team. Your prayers are much welcomed in this battle.

For your prayers for me, I’d like you to focus on praying for me to remain effective in slowing down and letting God direct my steps. Satan’s people attacking me doesn’t affect me any more… my most pressing prayer need is for you to pray I continue to walk with Him with my eyes shut and my mouth closed, and to be able to continuously hear Him in my life and respond to His commands… especially when He leads me down paths that make no sense to my fish-in-a-bowl brain.

To wrap this up…I receive email near daily from people sharing how ICTA has made a positive difference in their lives… sometimes just knowing we’re out there sharing our Christian faith in tennis makes some people really inspired to do the same. Well, you people inspire me as well!

People have been led to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior from hearing the Gospel through ICTA’s mission trips to famous tennis tournaments, my small tennis academy, our women’s missionary pro tennis team. This is powerful and special and awe-inspiring. This tennis ministry is effective and is God-blessed and is God-driven and is God-inspired.

So for those of you who have wondered what I’ve been up to this summer and who want to know how I am doing… well, I am doing well and have 2 more years left and am more in love with Jesus than ever from going to war with Him… so, thanks for asking!

God bless,

Scott Paschal
386 793 0557

June 14, 2007

International Christian Tennis Association’s 2007 French Open Mission Trip

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Emma Hustad and Rachel Snelen visiting a french castle B&B on their way back to Paris from touring Normandy.

God has opened doors of opportunity in France for the International Christian Tennis Association. Answered prayers have brought a plan and a purpose for our tennis ministry. And through the dedication of a few people willing to walk in faith, a new ministry is growing towards not only the French Open, but to people in Paris, France.

Rachel Snelen, Emma Hustad, and I, Scott Paschal, are in awe of the opportunity God has placed before us as Christian tennis missionaries and tireless workers for the Kingdom. Rachel Snelen, such a special person who has dedicated her life, not to playing tennis professionally though she reached her lifelong dream of being WTA ranked, but to reaching and discipling WTA tennis players and top juniors for Christ.

And Emma Hustad, awesome… an intern with me who is dedicating her summer to helping me grow tennis ministry worldwide, and an amazingly bright, kind person full of hope and faith. She has brought a strong maturity to strengthen those around her and has reminded me of the standards I need to keep and why when choosing students and interns.

An amazing tour guide and photographer and ourselves spent 5 days following God’s lead as we discovered a plan God has placed in our paths. A kind, loving French pastor and his family showed among the most brutally honest Christian witness I have ever seen. And Rachel Snelen and Emma Hustad blew me away by their ability to go and grow and watch and learn and share…

These few pics are from the beginning of our journey to Paris and Roland Garros. I hope you enjoy them. They show our trip to Orlando Int’l Airport to JFK to Paris… and at the end of the gallery you will see a glimpse of what was yet to come.

God bless, Scott Paschal

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