March 11, 2009

Scott Paschal Teaches, “How To Get More Value For Your Money”

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14 Year Old Luke from S. America

Investing in Your Child's Passion for Jesus Pays Big Rewards in Your Family's Legacy. This Is a Pic of Luke, My 13-Year Old Fulltime Student/Goofball from Central America... 🙂

What do you invest in?

I mean, where do you put what is valuable to you?

You are probably thinking about money right now. But, let’s go deeper than that.

Sure, money is needed. And, yes, it is valuable.

Yet, money is finite.

You know the hours and hours you invest in your tennis game? It pays off as you improve. The people who want to practice an hour a week can only dream of owning your game.

You chose to take your skills to a professional level. Commitment and perseverance met opportunity. You do what it takes and wisely invest.

Life is about wise investing.

Life isn’t about money.

Money is finite.

Life is infinite.

Jesus talks about eternity. The things of this world are finite.

What is real, then?

Is a chair real that is here today, but is completely gone 500 years from now? Is a building real that is built in 2009, but is never seen or remembered in 2709?

How powerful is Nero, now? Or Pharaoh?

They were finite.

What is real is that which is eternal.

So, why invest in anything except that which is infinite?

Life isn’t about money.

Money is finite.

Go deeper.

Focus on eternal investing.

Get more for your money…

God bless,

Coach Scotty

President,   International Christian Tennis Association   Inc

May 25, 2008

ICTA Christian Tennis Association Party @ Disney Hollywood Studios MGM

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International Christian Tennis Association headquarters is based in Florida, and pretty near Disney World. During some down time in between ICTA mission trips and academy semesters, we decided to visit Disney Hollywood Studios!

What a great time we all enjoyed.

Pictured here to the right is me and Lindsey (she’s also pictured above pushing me in a wheelchair). Lindsey’s Dad, Kevin (pictured above) is my good friend of many years.

He is a medical doctor, and a solid 5.0 tennis player. I bought him his first Bible. What a privilege.

We are so alike it is ridiculous… same age, same weight, same height. God brought us together years back, and that’s when I met Lindsey! I’ve known her since she was just a little squirt in elementary school….

Now, Lindsey is a full time student at my academy and my house is pretty much a second home for her.

As Kevin and I are so much alike… and since I’ve known Lindsey for so long… I’m basically an adopted uncle.

Honestly, it is such a special honor to be involved in shaping and molding the lives of the next generation.

I know God placed special people in my life when I was a teen, and now it feels awesome to be able to be used by God to give back!

While some of my academy students won’t be here til the summer semester begins in a week or so, several are here and we all enjoyed hanging out together.

Anastasia Kharchenko (on left w/ Melody Snelen) is back home with me getting some rest after many weeks on the ITF Pro Circuit competing in pro tennis tournaments, and serving on the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team.

Ana is my “adopted daughter” from Ukraine and a new Christian. She loves Jesus so much and wants to share her knowledge of Him to other players on the pro tour.

This year, 18 year old Anastasia earned her WTA pro ranking, and won two ITF Pro tournaments. And a week or so ago she played a player ranked around WTA #180 and lost a close one… 6-2, 7-5, which gave her some confidence she can compete at that level.

Currently, Ana is on her way to South Carolina to begin a 6 week tennis and missions tour with the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team that will take them from South Carolina to Texas to Kansas to Boston. Please keep them in your prayers as they seek to share Christ with those placed in their path.

This neat guy is Aussie, a nickname we gave him because he’s from… you guessed it, Australia.

Aussie is awesome! What a special, unique personality he is. Aussie’s dad is a pastor, and they own a farm. I’ve coached Aussie full time for about a year.

He and Mark (Mexico) share a room in my house and have become like brothers. They have certainly formed a bond that will last a lifetime.

Aussie has amazing parents. They love our entire tennis/missions academy program, and are thrilled Aussie has grown in so many wonderful ways. Here is an email they sent me last week…

Hi Scotty,

Thank you so much for your email. Our communication with you is way overdue..sorry! We pray for you all daily. David is missed here also, but know without a doubt that he is where the Lord wants him, knowing he is being very well looked after, challenged and guided in life. Thankyou for all that you are doing for him and each of the others. We love to hear about everyone at ICTA.

We know David has mentioned this to you, but would like to ask if it is OK if his sister, Tish, can come and stay with you for a few days. They will fly into Daytona Beach… Tish is so looking forward to meeting you all – I hope having two Aussies isn’t too stressful for you!!

At your convenience, we would love to hear of David’s on and off-court progress, and any ways we can encourage and guide him from a distance.

Thank you again so much.

God bless you and all you do.
Rich & Eilie

So great to have healthy, solid Christian parents sending such special emails of support. It is incredible for me to realize International Christian Tennis Association is having such a discipleship impact for the Kingdom!

Pictured here is ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team captain, Rachel Snelen (left), with “Lucy.”

Lucy’s story is amazing! She came to me not quite a year ago… and she was highly suicidal. Coaches, and life, had treated her pretty horribly.

Boy have things changed! Lucy is on-fire for life! Every single aspect of her young personality has improved, and she is an inspiration to all of us.

She is even an inspiration to her atheist Dad! He is amazed at the transformation taking place in her! In fact, three weeks ago he flew in from Japan. We talked at length through a translator. He asked me to coach Lucy for the next 5-6 years, and was so grateful for my work. I was almost in tears…

He is even interested in investing in condos at a tennis facility we build, if ICTA ever builds one. Since he owns a bunch of Japanese restaurants in South America, I take his investment interest as a great compliment.

(pic of me looking at Walt Disney, one of my favorite people and examples!)

It has taken me nearly 10 years to build International Christian Tennis Association.

As I look around for the fruit of my labor, I have to look first to my academy/missions kids. What a treasure they have been in my life.

Generally, I’m not a person with much patience, and I prefer to have plenty of space around me. But, God invaded my life through kids from 15 countries and 14 US States… kids who have camped out in my house… and ate all my food… and constantly hang around me… and God taught me so much through them I can’t begin to tell you in a simple journal entry.

10 years is a long time. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve grown a lot. Hopefully, I’ve helped some people along the way.

Whatever God has coming up for me in the future, whether it’s with International Christian Tennis Association or not, the last 10 years have been good. Like I said, I’ve learned a lot.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

January 31, 2008

The Lost Art of Discipleship: A Christian Tennis Missionary Stands Up Old School

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ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, and his "adopted" daughter from Ukraine, Ana! Scott is Ana's legal guardian.

I’m pretty convinced discipling is a lost art in Christianity.

Discipling, real discipling, takes commitment from both the student and the teacher. And commitment in today’s buffet of quick fix lifestyles is rare.

Most of you who know me also know I’m pretty old school. But, that’s old school in my work ethic and commitment, not necessarily in my teaching styles.

It’s old school in that when I became a follower of Jesus, I read the Bible and worked to do what it said.

As I grew in my faith, I remember finding the Great Commission where Jesus commanded his followers to… “go and make disciples of all nations… and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you….”

I began changing inside. My purpose in this world was brought into clarity. One of my first reactions was to question why not one church I had ever attended had mentioned the Great Commission.


Ana reached #1 G18 Ukraine and #5 G16 Europe. She has earned a WTA ranking and competes worldwide on the ITF Pro Circuit.

The Great Commission of Christ is at the end of the 28th chapter in Mathew’s letter for those of you clueless, of which, after nearly 10 years as a front line missionary, I believe are most, as was I.

As I read it, Jesus didn’t ask, he commanded.

Many people in the world today don’t like that. They most likely don’t want to be commanded, nor do they much appreciate me pointing out their lack. Jesus to many is usually some mix of religions, ideas, and Bible verses which, when combined, makes a person feel good. Their life revolves around them, they do what makes sense to them, and they cannot be commanded.

I understand. I really do. There is a big question of “What is truth?” in the world, today.

Let me give you an illustration of the confusion faced by today’s youth (and adults!) living in a postmodern world. Let’s say you are trapped and injured in a burning building. Smoke is everywhere. A fireman busts into the room! He see you are trapped under a heavy board, sees your leg is injured, and tells you he is going to save you. What is your normal reaction to this? Probably relief, right!? Sure. That is what my generation would say.

But, let me add to the scenario. Let’s say that as the fireman begins to walk over to you, another fireman rushes into the room. He tells the first fireman to stop! Then, he looks directly into your eyes and warns you that the first fireman is actually the arsonist who started the fire! Instantly, the first fireman points directly at the second fireman and says, “No, don’t listen to him! He’s lying! He’s the arsonist, not me!”


Winning a Florida jr tournament.

This is the delima, as I see it, that today’s generation of kids are facing.

They don’t know truth.

And the adults around them don’t know how to reach them with truth.

I think God has given us the answer, very clearly!, to truly reaching this lost and confused generation.

I recently spoke to several friends of mine who are in Christian ministry, heavily, about an important subject. I’d like to share one conversation with you which pretty much reflects the direction of the other conversations.

A friend and I were talking one evening and I told him the main problem in Christianity, as I see it from the view God gave me, is people really don’t understand the Great Commission. He listened politely and intently.

Before I spoke further, I asked him if he knew about the Great Commission. He said sure. I then asked him to tell me where it was in the Bible. He said he knew it was in Mathew, but wasn’t sure exactly where. I asked him if he could quote the verse to me. He couldn’t.

Since he couldn’t tell me where it was and he couldn’t quote it, I asked him what he thought the whole thing meant… in a nutshell. He explained it basically meant to go “win souls”…. I then asked him what the word “disciple” meant. He explained it basically meant a Christian. I asked him about what he thought “to disciple” meant. He replied he believed it meant to go win souls, basically make people Christians.

I hear explanations like his a lot from Christians who are not full time missionaries….

I listened politely to his answers on the topic, as I had many times before to many different people, then I felt God calling me to teach… so I did. It’s important for Christianity’s front-line missionaries to reach out to our Christian leaders and guide them into having a strong understanding of the Great Commission.


Ana's life has radically changed since she became a Christian here at ICTA.

It’s important to teach you, too.

As you can obviously see, I’m not much of a writer, so lean in and hang in there with me while I try to hit the right keys on the keyboard so this makes some sense….

In his Great Commission, Jesus didn’t command his followers to go make Christians.

He said go and make disciples. There is a huge difference between the two in terms of obedience, expectations, pressure, preparation, and ultimately, a successful outcome.

The Greek form of the word “discipulus” means pupil. Pupil, as in student. You can also chew on “discipere,” which means to grasp intellectually, analyze thoroughly.

Jesus is saying… “Go and make students….” He is saying to go invest your life’s knowledge of him in others.

Jesus then goes on to say, “… teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” It takes time to teach someone how to obey everything Jesus commanded. Oftentimes, it takes more than passing out a Gospel tract or going on a prayer walk, both of which are vital to seed planting, but not so good when it comes to the real need at hand as pertaining to discipling. True discipling, or teaching, takes time and commitment, which most have spent the vast majority of their lives avoiding.chris-ana-015.jpg

As a follower of Christ, I know I can’t make anyone a Christian.

What I can do is to teach about Jesus. That is where the missionary part comes in. I teach, the Holy Spirit leads them to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

A person following the Great Commission shouldn’t set out on their journey thinking they are going to “win souls” and “make Christians.” You can’t.

If you believe you can, you are quite possibly falling into the lie Satan believed and taught. That is, you can be God. Your mission trip, though filled with hope and expectations, will most likely fall apart, and lots of people on your missions’ team will become angry with each other. Generally, few you meet during your outreach will come to know Christ, and few, whether they accept Christ or not, will become disciples of Christ’s work.

Yes, I said “whether they accept Christ or not, will become disciples.” You do not have to accept Christ to be a disciple or pupil of his life’s work. The hope and prayer is that through teaching pupils, they come to an acceptance. But, that, in all ways, has nothing to do with you, except that you are teaching.

chris-ana-002.jpgThe part my friend mentioned about “winning souls” and “making Christians” is a pretty common theme here in America. It kind of resonates with our competitive culture….

To many Christians, going on a mission trip is like attending a NCAA football game! It’s about winning.

Church people, especially the Baptists down south (of which I am one), love their sports… NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, NCAA… and they love competition. Winning and competing is a culture. But, does that competitive “winning souls” singular focus enhance or take away from missions? My experience with church people on missions is that it takes away.

Mission trips are seen as a football game, not training camp. Church missionaries are often like the “weekend warrior” who blows out his knee playing tackle football with friends, though he does no athletic training in preparation during the week…

Churches and mission leaders often keep a scoreboard of just how many points they’ve scored as they busily try to rack up souls during their big 1 or 2 week long game.

But, is this what Jesus meant in his Great Commission. I submit that it is not.

Though often well intentioned, the focus of church people towards missions is often misplaced. Successful missions outreach, in my experience, is not about “winning souls,” but I will say it can be about competition.chris-ana-012.jpg

That is, competition within oneself and with a team in preparation for excellence. Competition isn’t negative! In fact, properly channeled and purposefully planned competition can be seen as a necessity.

As a coach, I see strategies… strengths and weaknesses. As a follower of Christ, I see the same.

This Sunday, the NFL’s Super Bowl is being played! Coaches have planned, trained, and strategized every day for a year, or years, to get to this point.

chris-ana-001.jpgWhat I would give to see churches and pastors train for missions with such intensity and passion as is accomplished by the coaches and players of professional sports!

Pastors can be seen as the coaches, congregation and missions teams as the players, church support staff as the trainers….

All with an intent to share Christ and to make Satan seen as the opponent on a daily basis!

With strategies and tactics being devised and implemented daily, weekly, yearly by the church within their congregation until every Christian dripped with knowledge, and missions became like breathing the air at the summit of achieving the victory deemed impossible.

If I were coaching Team Satan, I’d spend my time and resources manipulating Christians into not offending others, and I’d force Christians into the closet. I’d make sin cool, I’d constantly split churches, I’d batter the confidence of pastors.

I would know the best way to extend my team’s time in the game would be to slow or stop the spreading of the Great Commission.chris-ana-008.jpg

If I were the coach of Team Jesus, I’d focus on instilling knowledge in my players about the facts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The entire team would learn about every known tactic Team Satan uses to win.

Our playbook, the Bible, would be proven valid beyond doubt and be studied constantly. Spiritual amour would be a lifestyle. Then, we would hone our skills in practice games locally in preparation for reaching the world.

If the focus in missions is on “winning” souls and “making Christians,” I fully believe we will find our efforts continuing to be relatively useless.

The church must get past looking at the Great Commission as a win or lose proposition. Yes, prepare like a champion. Yes, work fervently with amazing passion and excitement, as you truly are working for the God of the universe which, to me, is the definition of joy.

Yet, keep site of the fact that all pro sports teams practice much more than they ever play. Preparation is a main determining factor in success or failure. Missions is not about winning and losing. Missions is about obedience to following Christ’s command as laid out in Mathew 28.

chris-ana-005.jpgIn addition to attending a mission trip, possibly consider creating a mission life!

Jesus to me is clear… he tells us to go out and teach others about him. The coach in me, the missionary in me, and the ministry founder in me clearly understands the need for high quality preparation and a dedication for excellence.

My hope is that the ICTABLOG becomes a beacon for education and change.

Our ICTABLOG readers are like a whose who list… pastors and ministry founders; pro players, tennis coaches, and juniors; tennis industry executives from nearly every tennis clothing and racket company in the world; television and magazine founders and employees; employees from every section of the United States Tennis Association; ICTA members from over 1800 cities in over 60 countries including political leaders, industry executives, military leaders…

… you folks are literally the movers and shakers of the world. Your spheres of influence are large. If you choose to purposefully follow the Great Commission, either by discipling someone near you daily, or by attending a mission trip to a foreign country, or by founding a ministry… if you all discover the lost art of discipleship, the world will change.

Discipling others takes time and commitment. Most in today’s postmodern culture are afraid of both.chris-ana-006.jpg

Not me. I’m old school. I’ve got time because my time is Jesus’ time. My life is his. I took Galations 2:20 seriously.

When Jesus gave me my house and told me to keep the door open for the missionaries and travelers he sends my way, I make sure the door is open. My life is not my own.

All I have in this world is testimony to the fact I have nothing. My health, my ministry, my reputation… are not mine, but his to do with as he needs for his will to be done through my vapor life on earth.

I’m called to build and to disciple. This has included investing my life, my home, my money, of which I own none but am simply a manager of, towards investment in helping those God sends.

The joys and sorrows of investing in people brings the highest highs and the lowest lows. The Judases ordained by God to be in inner circles are very real, as are the Peters and Jameses. Discipling brings satanic attacks and miracles from heaven.

Yet, through it all, God gets the glory and I build up treasure in heaven whilechris-ana-007.jpg learning to walk in obedience and faith.

Personally, I feel incredibly grateful God sent people from 14 countries and 15 US states to the discipleship focused ministry I founded, International Christian Tennis Association, full time for me to invest in.

God has sent me on mission outreaches nationwide reaching over 1,000,000 in attendance at pro tennis events, and allowed me to preach internationally. And God created a missions team comprised of pro tennis players with a heart to reach and teach others about Jesus, the Savior of mankind.

God has brought me friends, and enemies, both of which have been specifically commissioned by him to grow and develop me past my every dream and expectation.

My prayer to you is that today God would begin a great work in you to open your life to discovering the lost art of discipleship.

That pastors will find even greater passion towards missions, such as NFL football coaches have towards competing in the chris-ana-017.jpgSuper Bowl, yet for a reason so much greater. That Christians realize they don’t need to win, but to simply share.

Today’s world needs a strong focused Christianity able to train the world in all that is Jesus.

Today’s postmodern generation of youth needs a big dose of Old School to pick ’em up and carry them towards Jesus.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

Mathew 28: 16-21

16Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them. 17And when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted. 18And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

November 18, 2007

Best Week

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This last week has been one of the best I’ve had since God signed me up for the ministry.

It’s hard to describe, but I feel great. More than just physically.

Affirmations are being shown to me that my life does have a purpose.dscf7091.jpg

If you had known me as a teen or college student, you would have seen a different me.

(a pic of three of my students this morning.)

In fact, if it hadn’t been for a tenaciously patient blonde from Texas who had an inability to quit on me in college during the 3 most difficult years of my life (and probably hers!), I wouldn’t be here.

I had bought into Satan’s lies. I felt worthless. She disagreed.

I believe God sends people to help us. People, who God inspires and directs.

(a pic of Mark, me, and Ana after church last Sunday)dscf2365.jpg

Have you ever been in the zone?

Where every ball you hit goes where you want it to go and everything seems to be moving in slow motion, and the only sound you hear is your heart beating.

I’m in that zone right now. Yet, it’s different than tennis. It’s a clarity for my purpose in God’s ministry in this season of my life.

For those of you who know me, you know I have never been given anything in my life. If I had anything, I worked to get it. From money to directions in life, I’d been given nothing. Ever.

Thank God.

I learned how to scrap and get the job done. I learned to see opportunity others missed. I learned to take nothing for granted.

I also have learned that though I was given nothing, I was given everything. God created me uniquely. I am an original created for His exact purpose to fulfill his exact plan for this life.

For those of you who have been praying for me, thank you and please don’t stop. I need your prayers.dscf6935.jpg

I have less than two years to reach my main goal I had set when I turned 17.

(parent’s of former students visiting recently. brent’s dad, Jim, and joe’s mom, Sue.)

The finish line is ahead, I can see the checkered tape! I know what I have to do to succeed and I’ll fight with all I have to get the job done. I see the purpose, now. It makes sense. It’s all added up. The job will get done.

Again thank you for your prayers! Some of you have been praying for over 20 years….

Updates on ICTA!!

*Lucy has turned her entire life around. Vakulenko aside, this is one of the most amazing hope-less to hope-filled changes I’ve witnessed. She is happier, healthier, and feels dscf7065.jpgGod loves her and reached out to her!

I made the decision to step out in faith to reach one of God’s lost sheep because God called me to do it. The work hasn’t been easy, but it has been worthwhile.

(pic of Mel with international student at tournament outreach)

My high school football coach took care of me in my difficult times. In a way, he lives on through his work with me. Thanks coach!

*I’m preparing to take an ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team to Mexico City for an outreach to a pro tournament in which they will compete. We leave next week.

*Our ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team in Israel checked in today. They are safe and doing well. To follow their journey, go to

Thus far they have had a fellowship meeting with other believers, prayer and singing, explored old Jerusalem, went to the Mount of Olives, prayed at the Wailing Wall, visited the Garden Tomb, met a Christian group from Alabama and joined them for communion, went to the Villa Del A Rosa where Jesus carried the cross, went to the Rock of the Dome…

(pic of Rach working with international students at ICTAHouse during pro team tour break) dscf6967.jpg

Their hosts have been such a blessing. We will not be able to share with you their names, but please keep them in your prayers.

To wrap this entry up, thanks go out to so many of you who have sent me such neat emails and phone calls. I know it’s not easy to do, and I really appreciate every contact we receive.

I work an average of 100 hrs a week. Every week. At random times I get neat emails or phone calls from you guys, and my load suddenly get lighter!

You all make me feel blessed and cared for. Thanks.

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

October 3, 2007

So Much Christian Tennis Fun!

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Ana Forehand ClaycourtsHere are a few pics to share with our ICTABlog family! This one to the left is of Anastasia Kharchenko as she nails a forehand while winning the Finals of a tournament. Notice how high she is off the ground. Awesome.

Ana is a member of the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team. I have been blessed to be her coach and USA dad for a year now! Ana is Ukrainian, and was Ukraine’s #1 junior and was #5 in Europe. She has competed evenly with the world’s top juniors and with the #7 D1 college player in America.

Her dream is to become a top player and share her faith! Ana became a Christian a month after she arrived at ICTA. Ana’s tennis has skyrocketed during her year training with us. I am impressed with her work ethic and determination to improve. While Ana does not yet have Vakulenko’s power, she has better quickness, smoother hands, and is a superior all-around athlete. Vakulenko took about 8-9 years to reach top 50 WTA as she started pro at 14 yrs.

It will be quite exciting to see Ana develop into a top player over the next 5-7 years, when she will be 22-24 yrs. 5-7 years might sound like a long time to a non-tennis person, but in reality it is a short time. I do have my work cut out for me as developing a pro player does not come easily… many mountains must be climbed. Yet, I believe Ana knows God is working in her life, and I’m thrilled for her. If she stays healthy and works very hard, and she can play many, many tournaments and matches worldwide, Ana has the ability make top 100 WTA. But, it will not be easy. nor is it guaranteed. Developing into a pro player takes years of focused determination, not weeks.

This is a really neat pic I’m having made into a big 10×12 in my office wall. By office, I mean my bedroom in my house :). Nasser, B18 #1 USTA, Christian Tennis dot Net But, it’s still my official office! When I think of the amount of days, week, and years that went into this picture coming together, I’m blown away by God’s love and grace.

I don’t want to give names in this pic, except to mention Nasser as without his mentoring and guidance ICTA would have gone belly up long ago, but I do want to say I really appreciate this pic. My friends, students, and the #1 junior in America whose tennis career God has had me help guide for a few years now, especially in ’06-’07.

Like Ana, this young man has the potential to break the top 100 ATP. I believe when he does, God’s name will receive all the fame.

The ICTA high performance tennis program is really unlike any tennis program I have ever seen. The students not only enjoy the Christian atmosphere, but they really enjoy each other. This current group has an amazing bond. I think part ICTA Christian Tennis Missionary Students from 4 Countries at Rock the Universe ‘07of the reason is they come from so many different places in this world.

This pic is a fun one of these world-class athletes kidding around on a Merry-Go-Round at Universal Studios during Rock the Universe ’07. The other one is of David from Australia driving Rachel from USA and Anastasia from Ukraine in a Chinese taxi-bike!

Currently, 7 different countries are represented in my home! I find that both amazing and exciting. Missionaries, kids who love Jesus and want to dive deeper in knowledge of Him, sharing their lives and experiences with each other, while also living with each other in support of ministry.

Which countries?

Indonesia, Ukraine, USA, Mexico, Australia, Japan, and Venezuela.

Each learning leadership skills, each learning the facts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Seeing God’s signature in human DNA and the earth’s place in the Universe. Interning with me to grow ICTA while also learning valuable ministry skills.

This weekend will be really exciting! Currently, Joe’s mom, Sue, is here spending a few days with us! Sue has been part of ICTA since 1999 and is one of ICTA’s first 5 members! Joe, one of my former students from ’99 to’05, will be here tomorrow to visit. Joe’s been playing college tennis and is in his second year. Both Joe and his Mom were Mormons before they met us. God worked through Rach, Mel, and myself to open their eyes to the lies of Mormonism, and both are now Christian.ICTA Christian Tennis Missionary Students from 3 Countries at Rock the Universe ‘07

On Friday Brent’s dad, Jim, will be here from Birmingham, Alabama. Remember, I coached Brent a few years ago. Brent went on to play college tennis and is doing so well in his young life. I’m thrilled to see Jim this weekend! Jim is one great guy and a special supporter of ICTA and of Rachel and Melody Snelen.

And on either Saturday evening or Sunday morning, a new international student will arrive from South America! Plus, on Saturday I’m excited for a new Faith & Tennis Camper, and his parents, to arrive from Atlanta to train and play tournaments for a couple of weeks with our ICTA boy’s junior missionary team! We will definitely have a full crew in my house (ICTAHouse) this weekend!

I love it! So great to see years of hard work and God’s blessings tying together in the International Christian Tennis Association.

Thank you for your prayers and emails of support. And a special thank you to FCA’s Emma Hustad (and my former intern!) for sending me a “care package” of my favorite tea (that she got me addicted to!) along with such a special note! Thanks squirt! Thanks for “being” you…

God bless,

Scott Paschal

August 6, 2007

Exclusive: Scott Paschal Sees a Shrink!!!

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Chuck, Chris’s Dad, Visiting Scott Paschal

It’s Saturday night. As I reflect over this amazing, God blessed week I thought I’d check in with you. God is so good.

I’d like you to meet a couple of my friends, Chuck and Chris. Chuck is Chris’ dad. I coached Chris full time last summer. I’ve known them both for about 4 years.

Chuck is a psychologist and on staff at a large church in the Southern USA. Chris’ mom is a Medical Doctor.

These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago. They came by again today. Chuck and I spend a lot of time talking. We made some neat plans for ICTA while Chris and Mark headed out to the tennis courts and played a 5 set match. Mark won 6-3 in the 5th.

I really enjoy having the parents of my students visit my home. It’s good to have the friendships last even after the kid leaves.

Tomorrow is church! I love going to church. The church I attend is great. After church we all usually go out to eat, shop a little, and go see a movie before driving back to Palm Coast.

I think the plan for tomorrow is for us to film an ICTA Video after church before we go out to eat. We’ll talk about the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team’s wonderful mission trip to the Legg Masson Tennis Classic in Washington DC!  Last week, Melody Snelen led a mission trip to the Legg Mason Tennis Classic.  Rachel Snelen and Emma Hustad journied with her as their teamwork shared fellowship with players worldwide.

The girls literally took over the player’s lounge areas as basically all the top ATP players received a free Gospel of John (The Message Version). You would be in shock to learn who they hit with, swapped phone numbers with, talked with… God used them in such huge ways.

There is so much I could write. But, I’ll let them tell you on the video!

God bless,

Scott Paschal

ICTA Students in Scott Paschal’s Kitchen

April 3, 2007

Scott Paschal Writes, “Out of Mormonism & Into Christ…”

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Hello!  This is Scott Paschal.  I meet a lot of people when I travel.

In the last 2 months I’ve been across America and back. I’ve talked with people in Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, California, Alabama.

I’ve met literally thousands of people this year.

I always wonder how things are going for the people I meet. What their lives are truly like? Will they be with me in Heaven?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about a friend.

I remember around 1999 when a friend of mine felt led to share her faith. Her faith was different than mine. I appreciated the attempt, but had a few basic questions for her. I told her I would be glad to take her faith, Mormonism, seriously if she could offer good answers.

She gladly accepted the invitation. In researching my basic questions, her life changed. Permanently. Within a short time she felt her faith was not in agreement with the Christian faith. The next year was painful for her. When she accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, everything she knew was turned upside down. Everything.

I had began coaching her son full time. Great kid, hard worker. After a couple of years, he asked questions about my faith as he worked to share his faith with me. I asked him just a few basic questions. I explained if he could show me some good answers I would consider seriously looking at his faith.

He gladly accepted the offer. One night he called me from the BYU library. Apparently, one of my questions has seriously stumped him and he flew to Utah to see the correct answer for himself. The correct answer was hidden deep inside the library. When he found the answer, his life was forever changed. He realized he had no choice but to accept Christ, the Christ of the Bible with nothing added or taken away, as his personal Lord and savior.

Both he and his mother have paid a great price for their new belief in Jesus Christ, the Jesus of the Bible. I will keep this information private. Suffice to say the last 5 years have been difficult and I am amazed at the strength they both show.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. I was like most of you, didn’t have much of an idea about Mormonism and was willing to listen. In listening I came up with a few reasonable questions. I did some research. Found some answers. Asked my Mormon friends if the answers were right or wrong.

Their personal research showed the answers I found were correct. Thus, their lives changed.

Here is something I found. I would like your answers, too.

Back in the 1800s, Brigham Young claimed to be a prophet of God. He was among the greatest Mormon leader in history. Certainly a visionary. He preached for many years that Adam was God. The Mormon church later took the stance that Adam was not God.

Well, one question to my friend and to my student was, “How can a man claim to speak with God and be God’s prophet, yet preach for years that God told him God was Adam… because the current LDS church says God was not Adam?”

I went on to say, “To me, that makes him a false prophet and I have a problem with a founding member, prophet, and leader of a religion being a false prophet.”

Their answer to me was that Brigham Young would never have claimed Adam was God. That a prophet could never be wrong about something so serious. That there was no way a prophet who talked with God daily would make such a claim.

I agreed a true prophet would never make such a claim, then showed them where Mormons recorded his claim. To find the writings I had located and to verify their origins, my student went to locate either authentic copies or the original manuscripts deep inside of the BYU library.

His life forever changed.

They then went on to find many, many other aspects of their religion they had never known.

As for me, I don’t have all the answers. When asked to join a religion, I listen and ask questions. Nowadays, I get asked a lot of questions. As such, I have more answers than I had when I first answered my call to ministry back in 1999.

Why do I write about this now? Memories. Thoughts. Looking to the future. Both my former student and his Mom are both active in my life. I love them both tremendously.

Can I tell you something? I pray for you. I pray you can see Jesus, nothing added or taken away. The proof of his life, death, and resurrection is so complete. The answers to the tough questions of faith in Him are easily found. God’s DNA is planted throughout the universe from the tiniest flagella to the amazing location of the earth in the galaxy.

I pray for God to reveal himself to you. He will. Simply ask.

God bless,

Scott Paschal
386 793 0557

January 16, 2007

Christian Tennis Association on TV!

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Hey There! This is Scott Paschal, Ministry Director of the International Christian Tennis Association. We’re going to be on TV!

See the fella in the blue shirt, he owns a Christian TV show. His show is broadcast to over 5 million homes in Florida, alone!

He wants to come out and film ICTA in a “reality” type show. I hope he has a lot of film for taping because the ICTA is one busy sports ministry!!

World class, high performance tennis training every day… cutting edge discipleship training classes at the academy… large scale mission trips to the most famous tennis tournaments in the world… pro tennis travel teams sharing the Gospel worldwide… as I said, he’s going to need a ton of film!!

Awesome! He has great ideas for the show he wants to do on ICTA. His company is based out of Hawaii and Florida. I’ve send you more info on the show as things progress!

I met him through the two people to the right, Marjorie and Ricky, who are my friends and own the Christian TV and radio station in the Pacific Islands. I coach their son, Joseph (top of stairs), full time here at my Christian tennis academy.

We all had a great visit and he was impressed with our program. Should be a neat TV show. It will be great to have our ministry broadcast nationwide. He is even allowing me to ask for donations and support! Would be great to receive such donations… then all of my students could train at no cost and their parents $ could go straight to tournament mission trips!!

We’ll keep you informed on when the show will be filmed and aired so you can follow along.

In addition, would be great to have you come out to ICTA and visit us while the show is being filmed. We could do a Christian Tennis Celebration weekend event here in Palm Coast.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

January 10, 2007

A South Pacific Island Hello!

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I’m pretty excited to have this picture. For the last couple of years, God has been moving the young man to my right towards fulltime training with me at my Christian tennis academy. Well, he’s here now fulltime and I’m really glad.

His parents, Ricky and Marjorie, own the Christian TV and radio station in their area and are tremendous people. Marjorie and I have been friends for 2 years now.

Joseph is a neat kid. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and he is settling into the place really well. Will be neat taking him to Clarity this weekend. I don’t think he has ever attended anything like it before!

‘Tel just arrived this morning! So great to see here. ‘Tel is awesome and I feel really special to have her call me her coach. Ana arrived from Ukraine just a few days ago and is adjusting to the time change. Ana is so great. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone appreciate becoming a Christian as much as Ana. She is a sponge right now and that is exciting. Mark has been here for a week and is getting back on track. He and Joseph will have a great time training hard. Newbie will be here tonite. Newbs is awesome.

Please keep these tremendous kids in your prayers as God works with them during this season of their lives. The older I get the more I appreciate the time I have to spend with our next generation.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

January 6, 2007


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Hello there! This is Scott Paschal.

The International Christian Tennis Association’s Spring 2007 Semester is kicking off with a bang as we head to Orlando, Florida to attend Clarity, a Christian youth conference from Student Life.

The focus of Clarity is to make God’s Word more clear. Our students will be challenged to let God’s Word become a more real and useful part of their lives… help them know what they believe.

I’m excited to attend Clairity. David Nasser, a speaker for the event, mentioned it to me when we were in Gatlinburg last week. This is a tremendous way to begin a semester with a Christ- centered focus.

I’d like to ask you something… what is your child doing that is Christ-centered on MLK weekend at his or her tennis academy? Even more than that, is there anything Christ-centered at any time where your kids are being raised at their tennis academy?

If not, you are invited to contact me at any time to discuss your child attending an ICTA Mission Trip or a Youth Conference or Discipleship Training or a Christian Concert, or even training for a week or longer in our Christ-centered environment.


Student Life

Here’s the schedule:

Orlando, FL – Jan. 13 – 15

Day 1:

12:00 – 2:00 PM Registration at First Baptist Church
2:00 PM Session 1 – David Nasser & Kristian Stanfill
4:00 PM Dismiss
5:00 PM Youth Worker Training Session
7:00 PM Session 2 – David Platt & Kristian Stanfill
8:30 PM Casting Crowns in Concert
10:00 PM Dismiss

Day 2:

8:00 PM Session 3 – David Platt & Kristian Stanfill
10:00 PM Leeland in Concert
10:45 PM Dismiss

Day 3:

8:00 – 9:00 AM Check-Out of Hotels
9:00 AM Session 4 – David Platt & Kristian Stanfill
11:00 AM Dismiss

Here’s the Theme to Clarity from their web site…

Clarity is…

An experience in God’s Word.

It’s that simple and that essential.

We are being faced with generations increasingly less familiar with the living and active Word of God. This problem is vital for us today.

“How, then, can they call on the One they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the One of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” How will they know?

Clarity is not a solution, but a challenge to you, your workers and your students.

A challenge to develop a passion for God’s Word.

A challenge to understand and engage the Bible as the complete story of God’s redemptive plan.

A challenge to live out daily the mission for your life presented in God’s Word.

You will hear God’s Word.
You will see God’s Word.
You will sing God’s Word.
You will speak God’s Word.
You will experience God’s Word.

And the Word will bring Clarity to your life.