September 21, 2011

Welcome Christian Tennis Player, Vivian, From Ecuador!

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Vivian warming for morning workout. This awesome 15 year old is from Ecuador. Vivian’s father signed her up as a member of International Christian Tennis Association when she was just 11… and now here she is training with us full time!

Vivian warming for morning workout. This awesome 15 year old is from Ecuador.

Vivian’s father signed her up as a member of International Christian Tennis Association when she was just 11… and now here she is training with us full time!

For me, personally, it is very special to have Vivian here.  She is part of a new tennis generation that has known about ICTA since they were very young! To them, ICTA is a normal part of tennis.  10-12 years ago…we weren’t!  But, now, kids worldwide have known about ICTA for the majority of their lives. That’s pretty cool.

Vivian will train and travel with ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team to ITF pro circuit tournaments.

Her father, though he misses her tremendously, is very happy she is here…and that God is impacting her life in such special ways!

God bless!

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association, Founder


June 5, 2009

Video: Scott Paschal Snickers at ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team Member!

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Those of you who know me have a pretty good idea I like to make people laugh.

Recently, ICTA welcomed a new player to the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team. Her name is Lo and she is from Nigeria.  I know her Dad.

Lo attends a college in the US where she competes on the school’s tennis team. She is training with me for the summer to strengthen her tennis, and to deepen her faith in Christ.

In the first 12 days I’ve coached Lo she has taken a bus to meet us in Sumter, SC where she trained for 4 days… drove with us to Palm Coast… drove a day later to Hilton Head Island, SC. where she trained for 4 days… drove back to Palm Coast yesterday… and will fly to El Paso, Texas at 7am in the morning.

Her schedule is stacked and packed.  I don’t think she has ever experienced anything like this before.

Welcome to pro tennis… and Christian missions outreach.

Honestly, people really have no idea how much we do on a daily basis to follow the Great Commission…

Lo BackhandI’m focused on developing Lo’s leadership skills, and on showing her facts about Jesus… that He is Christ.

Sure, her tennis will improve a lot. But, that’s the easy part.

The hard part can be looking inward and honestly seeing what needs to improve in your life.

In less than 2 weeks, Lo has been challenged intensely, and she can see her weaknesses… on and off court.

Part shocked and part excited for the challenge, Lo is undergoing massive training.

From extreme 2 on 1 tennis workouts, 10 mile bike rides, tennis matches in pro tournaments, travel to 4 new cities in 12 days by bus, van, and plane…

… to meeting new people from 6 countries… Lo has been busy.

In addition, I have Lo studying Lee Stroebel’s book A Case for Christ and John Maxwell’s book Failing Forward.  My hope is Stroebel can deepen her belief that Jesus is Christ, and that Maxwell can teach Lo that mistakes can become our motivation and our guide to improvment.

That said, we have a ton of fun in between tennis training, matches, and discipleship.

Lo mentioned she’s laughed more in these 10 -12days than in the last 5 months combined since she has come to the USA!

On to the video…

Lo loves Snickers. She bought a whole bag of the little Snickers when I first met her.  She loves to eat them when no one is looking!

When we were all in Sam’s Club (huge wholesale food warehouse owned by Walmart) in Hilton Head Island during our Christian outreach to a USTA Pro Circuit tournament recently, I saw a bunch of boxes of Snicker’s bars… so I wanted to take a pic of Lo with them.

But, instead of a picture I took a really fun video!!

Lo LOVED it minutes later when she found out!

Enjoy the video and please keep Lo in your thoughts and prayers.  God is doing a big work in her life!

God bless,

Coach Scotty

August 5, 2008

Welcoming France, Africa, and Costa Rica to ICTA’s Christian Tennis Academy

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Scott Paschal flying home!

Scott Paschal, ICTA President, flying home!

This has been a fun 7 days!

Just came back from a 3 city missions’ tour with Anastasia and Melody. Then went with my entire tennis academy to an awesome Christian conference in Orlando where my friend, David Nasser, spoke twice!

How awesome is that!??  Pro tennis, Christian outreaches for world class athletes, and Nasser speaking… twice!  Me and the guys took my Jeep to Orlando.  I had a blast.

In addition we also welcomed in a new player from France, and spent some time with a wealthy and influential friend who wants to help ICTA grow…

…and I just received my phone which had been lost for a few days in Atlanta’s airport!

Did you notice I mentioned a new player from France!?  I’ve never coached a player from France before.

Melody Snelen (USA) and Anastasia Kharchenko (Ukraine) of ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team

Melody Snelen (USA) and Anastasia Kharchenko (Ukraine), of ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team, wearing their exclusive ICTA Pro Team jackets in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Her name is Melissa.  She has been planning her trip here for several months.  I’m so excited God is using tennis and ministry as a bridge to strengthen Melissa’s faith!

We’ve enjoyed getting to know her.  Melissa is 18 years old and a solid tennis player.  Her English is pretty bad, so it’s been fun watching everyone teach her our language!

This weekend another new player is coming in.  His name is Luke.  He is from Costa Rica. I’ve been looking forward to Luke’s arrival for a few months now!  He sounds like a really neat kid.

Luke’s mom is bringing him, and she will stay with us for a couple days before flying home.

Mark, ICTA Student Since 2006, from Mexico Competing in USA Tournament. Mark's Parents Are Missionaries.

Both of Luke’s parents are missionaries in Costa Rica.  The plan is for Luke to train with me for a year.  He is going to have a blast!

A special friend of mine from Lagos, Nigeria contacted me about coaching his son for a couple weeks before he begins working out with his new college tennis team in North Carolina.

I’ve agreed and look forward to his arrival.

France, Costa Rica, Africa… joining our summer class of Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Japan, and Ukraine!  Ten countries will be represented here this summer semester!  Awesome, really awesome!

David from Australia, ICTA Student Since 2007

David from Australia, ICTA Student Since 2007. David's Dad is a Pastor.

And if you knew this group of kids, you’d know what a truly amazing group this is and how this time in their lives, and mine, is really special.

This season of my life really has been incredibly special.

God has allowed me to disciple so many kids from around the world.  I’ve had the rare opportunity to be part of the life stories of the next generation of Christian leaders… we’ve worked hard together, we’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together…

… and we’ve created friendships to last a lifetime.

I do fully realize this season will come to an end, and that God will direct my time and energies towards His further direction for my maturity as His follower.

That said, I am 100% relishing every moment I have right now!

God has blessed me with friends, enemies, students, good health, an international sports ministry, my mom and brother,  good and bad times, a pastor and church I love, a fantastic neighbor/friend…

… I know I’m blessed.

I really do.

My life is truly an example of what God can do with someone completely worthless and undeserving….

God bless,

This Funny and Silly Japanese Gal Has Been Here Since 2007!!

Scott Paschal

Anastasia from Ukraine.  ICTA Student Since 2006

Anastasia from Ukraine. ICTA Student Since 2006

Australia, Japan, Mexico!

Australia, Japan, Mexico!

Lindsey and Josh (my 12 year old student from Ecuador)

Linds (USA) and Josh (my 12 year old student from Ecuador)

January 19, 2008

Serena Williams’ Nude Blunder

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Quick Update:

In just the last 7 days, the International Christian Tennis Association name has received over 1,180,000 track-able internet views worldwide.

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Serena Williams’ Nude Blunder

Honestly, it was pretty weird.

Serena Williams… right in front of me… nude. I have the picture etched into my mind. There she was wearing nothing but shiny, high heeled shoes with a silver tint.

When I saw her I froze, not knowing what to say or do.

Serena Williams, the one fighting for women’s rights?, the one thanking God after big wins at Slams?, the one working for racial equality?… exposing herself in front of so many people.

She looked like a stripper at an all nude bar.

In Serena’s left hand she was holding what looked like two white carnations. She was holding them in a way to attempt to cover a certain private area from behind.

We all froze.

pacificlife2007day30212.jpgThe whole thing was completely freaking me out.

Serena Williams… the Serena Williams… the hero of so many… what was happening!?

And what will be the repercussions…? She has to know photos of her like these will cover the globe…. What will be the ripple effects?

You see, sexual abuse in junior tennis runs rampant worldwide.

As many of you know, I have dealt with both homosexual and heterosexual pedophiles posing as tennis pros and Christian leaders.

A conservative estimate is that over 50% of all female students I have coached during my 22+ year career have told me (or their parents have told me) they had been sexually abused at some point.

Now, forcing her poor decision into my mind was one of the top 5 most famous female athletes in the world stripping… and she knew the world would discover… she knew it, she planned it, and it seems she didn’t give a rip about anything but her pocketbook.

And she gave ammo to predators who use porn to “soften up” the children they victimize. They will tell little girls and boys… “Look, Serena does it… why don’t you? Serena thinks it is ok to fondle her breasts in front of others… don’t you want to be like such a famous person…?”

From Fiji to Ukraine to California to Florida, like they did to become Catholic priests, it seems pedophiles line up to become tennis pros.

Did you know that I can’t locate even one tennis teacher certification organization which runs any type of background check on current or potential tennis pros!?

Pedophiles know this. They pay about $250 for membership to a tennis pro organization, take a basic tennis pro certification test that most 2.5 NTRP players with basic tennis knowledge could pass, and are “officially” certified and professional in the eyes of the general public.

So, after the molestation, after the rapes, after the sexual abuse of tennis pros towards 9 year old girls, after homosexual pedophiles rape young boys and get them hooked on porn and drugs, after families are ripped apart, after young lives are forever shredded…

pacific-life-2007-day-2-016.jpg… I get the phone calls and emails asking for help. I talk to the raped kids. I hug the Dads as they shake while crying uncontrollably. And I have to explain God’s role in all of this….

Gene Scott founded Tennis Week Magazine. Gene was arguable among the most influential people in tennis.

The first day I met Gene was when he came to my ministry’s booth at the world’s 5th largest pro tournament. He had stood watching us for about 20 minutes as we talked with lots of people. I knew he was really curious about us and was listening to every word.

Then, he and his two friends came up to our table and asked to sign up as members of the International Christian Tennis Association. He signed up his whole family.

Gene then spent the next two years opening doors for ICTA.

I came to know Gene as honest, direct, experienced, and kind hearted. I also came to know his magazine as a class act.

037_37.jpgAbout 2 years after meeting Gene, I was with him in the Bahamas to help with one of his junior tournaments. He was sick. He was worried. Something that no one could diagnose was wrong with his body, and Gene was scared.

Anyone who knew Gene will tell you Gene doesn’t get scared.

We talked both privately, and with my friend John Ippolitto, about tennis and about faith. Just 3 guys late at night at a resort in the Caribbean spending God-appointed time together.

Gene wrote me shortly after he returned to New York. His email was, as usual, short and to the point. He told me he had found his faith!

Suddenly, about 8 weeks later, Gene died. I was told this during the same tournament where I had met him. Honestly, I was really saddened. Even though I was so glad he would spend eternity in heaven, I hurt.

My friend, David Nasser, told me something I have never forgotten. He said maybe God led Gene to our Christian outreach booth as Gene’s body was beginning its end, and that the friendship Gene and I developed ultimately led to my being able to witness to Gene in the Bahamas.

What does Serena Williams posing nude, sexual abuse in tennis, and Gene Scott all being mentioned together have to do with anything?

pacific-life-2007-day-2-001.jpgBecause, when Gene died, his wife, Polly, sold Tennis Week Magazine to IMG.

What was once a tennis insider’s magazine to pro events owned by a truly great man, now has pornography.

You see, in the US OPEN edition of the “new” Tennis Week magazine, Serena Williams is on page 19… totally nude. For all kids ages 2 to 20 and beyond, Serena is stripping for the masses…

Right below Serena’s ridiculous picture and on the same page is an article about one of Gene’s best friends, Bud Collins. And on the same page right next to Serena’s nude, stripper pose is a 1/2 page advertisement for Saddlebrook Tennis Academy.

The whole scene was disturbing.

In her defense, maybe Serena is just clueless. Maybe she is so out of touch with the reality of sexual slavery worldwide she has no idea the aftermath of abuse other children could endure because of her forcing her naked body into the minds of others.

Sexual abuse is sexual slavery and the Serena I’ve known in the past wouldn’t stand for supporting such horrific abuse towards young children. Why she has seemingly changed so drastically, I have no idea.

With her nude photos, Serena is basically telling girls it is ok to expose yourself publicly, she is telling boys it is ok to ask pacific-life-2007-day-2-035.jpggirls to do the same, she is degrading women’s rights, and she is helping Muslims worldwide justify their view of America as the great Satan.

It seems to happen all the time… a great American kid becomes famous.

Soon after, as they hit their early 20’s they start losing their clothes to become more famous while abandoning their roots which got them their successful start.

Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears come to mind…

Before I wrap this up, several other pictures of Serena have been brought to my attention. A quick internet search confirmed they are of Serena.

One is of her in a red dress which is completely see-through in the chest area leaving the viewer no doubt and needing no imagination as to what her breasts look like. Another is an exposed crotch shot, think a stoned Brittiny Spears partying with Paris Hilton, of her getting out of a car while wearing what looks like the same dress.

She is wearing this dress at a place where literally dozens of photographers are taking pictures at a celebrity event.

Like I said earlier, it’s just weird.

As a tennis insider with literally hundreds of contacts within the industry, I am working tirelessly to defend the rights of children from sexual predators posing as tennis pros.

To help me, the tennis industry could stop exploiting women as sex. Didn’t the WTA learn anything from Hantuchova? Can Tennis Week realize pornography can harm youth? Can’t the USTA stop endorsing organizations promoting the porn which can lead female junior players worldwide into sexual slavery from pedophile tennis pros.

Possibly you could take a few minutes and write to me about your thoughts about Serena, Tennis Week, IMG, WTA, and the USTA or just tennis in general.

baltimore-75k-mission-trip-003.jpgThere are people within these organizations who are members of the International Christian Tennis Association.

They have influence and they want to do the right thing for all concerned.

If you let me know your thoughts, we can contact each organization and represent the over 85% of America which is Christian.

Your voice matters. As a collective, your voice is powerful.

Even more than your voice, your prayers are needed.

With tennis gambling, sexual abuse, steroids & drugs, physical abuse, the fact that possibly 80% of tennis players worldwide are not Christian, alcohol abuse… with tennis being the sport of the rich, thus the sport of many, many lost people who worship their careers, bank accounts, and credit lines… tennis is a dark place in need of light.

Tennis, the millions of people who comprise the sport, needs help.

The harvest field of tennis needs workers.

Pro players need your prayers, coaches need your prayers, my ministry needs your prayers, our missionaries need your prayers, tennis fans and players from Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, France, Czech, leadership-conference-miami-067.jpgVenezuela, etc need your prayers.

Serena Williams needs your prayers.

Finally, I totally expect some type of backlash for exposing this situation.

Many people and organizations prey on kids, especially sexually, and I expect a few of them will want to try to shut me up!!

I know some pedophile or child abuser somewhere will hide behind his computer monitor and use his keyboard to bash me in a defamatory article, or someone will contact a major pro tournament trying to manipulate them into not allowing me to lease a booth, or my friends and family will receive emails bashing me as a cult leader or something.

Yet, who cares!? Anyone who knows me knows I don’t give a rip what a child predator thinks about me! They can write anything they want from the jail cell I help put them in!

Not only is my ministry well armed with attorney ICTA members who will help protect me from defamatory and libelous statements, but I also really don’t care if some moron bashes me.

As long as it’s a legal bashing, which as being legal I would call it criticism instead of bashing, I’m good to go!!

Some of the best lessons I’ve learned in ministry have come from people criticizing me!

Actually, criticism is awesome! Plus, criticism motivates me to work even harder.

rach-160.jpgSo, I know by now many of you are asking how you can help!?

First, pray. Next, get your free 2008 ICTA membership and make your voice count. Then, connect your friends with ICTA.

I’ll even make you a deal… for every 30 people you get to become ICTA members in Jan or Feb, I’ll give you an official ICTA Tshirt for FREE. And I’ll even pay the shipping to most countries, no problem!

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association, President

Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy, Owner