March 17, 2009

Congratulations to International Christian Tennis Association Boy’s International Junior Tennis Team!

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Congratulations Guys! Awesome Tournament and Awesome Examples to Others!

Congratulations Guys! Awesome Tournament and Awesome Examples to Others!

I had a great time!

The weather was good and the tennis was fun to watch.

The International Christian Tennis Association boy’s junior tennis team recently competed in a Florida junior tennis tournament.  I had a blast taking them, as well as coaching them.

The tournament was held on clay.   Kids were sliding everywhere… clay dust was blowing around… rallys were long….  I love dirt ball!

Mark and Luke (above) walked away with some serious tennis trophy bling, huh!?  Aussie  did well, too, making the semi-finals.

When I coach here in Palm Coast, I really enjoy watching my players grow.   I enjoy my small part in God’s big plan for their lives.  It truly is an honor for me.

This current group of players is the most special group to me I have ever had.  They are by far the most loving and kind.  Their teamwork together is amazing.  And I can’t say I’ve ever had a group willing to work harder.

They are really a blast to hang around… and they keep me young, for sure! 🙂

Over the last 8 years or so, I’ve been privileged to coach players full time from 17 countries and 15 US states.  These players have gone on to play high school tennis, NCAA tennis on scholarship, travel worldwide on the ITF Pro Circuits earning elite ATP and WTA rankings, and have competed in all four Grand Slams… Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and US OPEN.

I’m not trying to brag.  Not at all.  A lot of coaches have done a lot more than me!

I am just looking back at all of the incredible memories.  All the experience I have gained.  All the lessons I have learned from teaching and investing in others.  And I see this current group of kids really benefiting.

I’m currently rolling towards my 24th year of coaching tennis.  Dang, time does fly.

Today, as I work to develop and prep for our upcoming ICTA Global Outreach to the 2009 Sony Ericsson Open beginning next week in Key Biscayne (Miami), Florida… and as our very special ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team is practicing, competing, sharing, and gaining valuable experience for three weeks in Lima, Peru… and as I reflect not only on the fun I had with the guys at the junior tournament, but also on the years of personal development God has blessed me with…

… I can’t help but to be very humbly thankful.

My life has been far from easy, but it has be close to Him.

God bless you!

Coach Scotty

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association, President


March 15, 2009

Scott Paschal Discusses, “Stupid, Abusive Parents Are Ruining Lives”

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ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

Why would a father hit his daughter in the face?

It makes no sense, yet it happens constantly in junior tennis.

I see fathers and daughters traveling together on the junior and pro tennis circuits all the time.

You may only see world class tennis happening on the tennis court as two players fight to win.  Yet, after the match much abuse often occurs.

Why would a big, strong, grown man hit his 12-14 year old daughter in her face with his fist?

I will tell you why.

Because he is a stupid coward.

Fathers who abuse their daughters are often just fools who know little or nothing about tennis, so their answer to everything is to scare and abuse their children.

By the time the daughter begins to get good at tennis,  maybe a top national junior level, hard work alone is no longer all that is needed for the daughter to improve.

To reach an elite level it takes a world class tennis coach, or even a team of tennis coaches, to properly develop a player to reach the WTA ranked pro level, or top 20 ITF junior level.

Since Pop has no idea about tennis because he has never played it or taught it… he doesn’t know what to do, so be simply begins hitting his child harder and harder after she plays poorly in matches… or sometimes even when she plays well and wins, but does not win big enough!

A father who does this is a coward and a useless person.

He is a fool.

He is harming her not just physically, but emotionally.  These scars can last for life.

When the daughter was little her father would slap her to let her know she must win.  This usually made the daughter work very hard.  She did not want to be hurt anymore, and she had no where else to go.   She played harder hoping to avoid the physical abuse from her father.

The father learns that giving his daughter physical pain makes her win or try harder to win.

But, after a few years, the daughter reaches an upper level of junior tennis and hard work isn’t enough.  Now, it takes intelligent hard work.

The father has no knowledge of world class or pro tennis player development.  He has no idea how to develop a pro tennis player.

His answer to why she is losing is to physically beat her!  His answer to his lack of knowledge is to hit her in the face.

The father is a stupid fool.

Her father is a selfish, insecure idiot.

I wish he would try to hit me.

That would be funny!

I am 6′ 4″  (193cm) tall and weigh 235lbs (106kg).  I would love to see these stupid “Dads” try to hit me like they do their 95lb (45kg) daughters.

Honestly, I would probably break him in half…

Is my wording too harsh for you, right now?  Then you most likely have very little knowledge of Eastern Europe junior tennis.  You may not know anyone who has been beaten physically.

These foolish fathers who abuse their little girls are usually angry, bitter men who failed in their own sport.

They are often from Eastern Europe…Russia, Ukraine….

Often, these men do not have jobs.  They do not work to support their family!  They often drink too much vodka, and feel sorry for themselves that they are failures.

They spend all day saying hateful words to their daughters.  They spend all day telling their daughters how bad the daughters are!

All day this angry, abusive man keeps telling his daughter how  terrible she is as a tennis player!   Then they expect the daughter to have enough confidence to play well and win matches!

Stupid fools!

The Moms are usually no better than the Dads, but the Moms usually just yell at their daughters while the Dads physically abuse them.

But, basically Mom allows Dad to beat and bruise and shove and kick the daughter… because Dad also does the same thing to the Mom.  Mom is usually beaten into submission, then becomes as hateful and abusive as Dad.

It is a difficult lifestyle for all of them.

So, how do you help a player who is being abused by a parent?

It is difficult.

I have a friend who I will see in Miami next week.  He is a person who counsels people for a living.  His name is Chuck.

Chuck loves Sport Psychology.  He has counseled ICTA Academy’s  WTA ranked pro players over the last several years.  Chuck counsels many, many people each week.  I think he is one of the best at what he does….

Chuck wants to help me to help players and their parents.

Chuck and I agreed to possibly make a video, together.

We want to talk about Parent-Child relationships as related to world class junior tennis development.

Honestly, deep down these abusive fathers often truly want their daughters to become successful.  They just don’t know how to make it happen, so their answer is to physically abuse their daughter.  It is all they know how to do.

The father needs education, both in world class tennis player development and in how to develop a healthy parent/child relationship.

The father usually had abusive parents who did the same thing to him, so the painful cycle of abuse keeps rolling along from generation to generation.

I believe educating the fathers and daughters is a good first step in healing both, and possibly improving the quality of lives of players throughout Eastern Europe and beyond.

To all the daughters out there who are forced to endure such horrible abuse…

Know that Coach Scotty and everyone here at International Christian Tennis Association loves you.  But more than that, know that Jesus loves you, and He sees your life at all times.   God is not happy with the abuse your father does to you.  But, God can take anything evil that happens to you and He can turn it to good!

If you do not believe God is real or do not want to hear about God,…  know that daughters that have an abusive father often have a difficult time embracing a relationship with God.  The daughter usually finds it confusing and painful to have a relationship with anyone that resembles a “father”  figure in her life.

The Bible often describes God as our heavenly father… so the daughters who have an abusive father struggle with accepting God’s role in their life

Hopefully, our upcoming video can begin to offer help!

I would like to see fathers become smarter, both on and off the tennis court.

I would like to see fathers stop hitting and kicking and cutting and scaring their daughters.

I would like to see fathers begin to build their daughter’s confidence.  And show their daughters  they are loved and cared for.

It would be good if our video can be translated in Russian and Ukrainian, too, … and seen throughout the Eastern Europe ITF junior tennis circuit.

I realize what I am wanting to accomplish can seem pretty impossible, but somebody has to do it.  The ITF hasn’t stepped up to serve.  So, I will do my part and hopefully along the way someone is helped.

If my work can help even just one abused girl discover God’s plan for her life… then I have succeeded.

If I can help even one father to realize education in world class tennis player development is the answer, not physical abuse… then I have succeeded.

And if I can open your eyes and hearts and prayers to helping others, and/or to helping me to help others… then I have succeeded.

God bless!

Coach Scotty