March 11, 2009

Scott Paschal Teaches, “How To Get More Value For Your Money”

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14 Year Old Luke from S. America

Investing in Your Child's Passion for Jesus Pays Big Rewards in Your Family's Legacy. This Is a Pic of Luke, My 13-Year Old Fulltime Student/Goofball from Central America... 🙂

What do you invest in?

I mean, where do you put what is valuable to you?

You are probably thinking about money right now. But, let’s go deeper than that.

Sure, money is needed. And, yes, it is valuable.

Yet, money is finite.

You know the hours and hours you invest in your tennis game? It pays off as you improve. The people who want to practice an hour a week can only dream of owning your game.

You chose to take your skills to a professional level. Commitment and perseverance met opportunity. You do what it takes and wisely invest.

Life is about wise investing.

Life isn’t about money.

Money is finite.

Life is infinite.

Jesus talks about eternity. The things of this world are finite.

What is real, then?

Is a chair real that is here today, but is completely gone 500 years from now? Is a building real that is built in 2009, but is never seen or remembered in 2709?

How powerful is Nero, now? Or Pharaoh?

They were finite.

What is real is that which is eternal.

So, why invest in anything except that which is infinite?

Life isn’t about money.

Money is finite.

Go deeper.

Focus on eternal investing.

Get more for your money…

God bless,

Coach Scotty

President,   International Christian Tennis Association   Inc