November 6, 2011

Tunisia, Africa Tennis! Reaches Out to Pro Tennis Players in Tunisia

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ICTA's Anastasia Kharchenko and Niki in Tunisia!

Niki and Ana arrived safely at the hotel in Tunisa, Africa for their 25 day missions experience.

Thank you to everyone who supports their journey through prayer and finances. Thanks for making our God big in your life!

Ana is writing daily journal updates complete w pics and, hopefully, video, for you to read.

I’m thanking God this mission trip is happening. God placed a big priority on it in my heart. He said to go. And blessings are pouring in from it already.

Thank you so much to those who truly cared to help!  For up to date info of  International Christian Tennis Association’s Women’s Pro Tennis Team, visit our Facebook page.  Click link below.

God bless!

Scott Paschal

Founder & President