April 11, 2009

Christiantennis.net Sights at Sony Ericsson Open

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Fans watching final on Big Screen in Food Court.

Fans watching final on Big Screen in Food Court.

International Christian Tennis Association exhibitor's booth near Grandstand

International Christian Tennis Association exhibitor's booth near Grandstand

Full time ICTA student, David, from Australia, hanging out at Beach Tennis

Full time ICTA student, David, from Australia, hanging out at Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis mascot getting a pic while Scott Paschal gives interview

Beach Tennis mascot getting a pic while Scott Paschal gives interview

ICTA full time student, Luke from Costa Rica, hitting on Grand Stand court

ICTA full time student, Luke from Costa Rica, hitting on Grand Stand court

Scott Paschal pic with news crew after interview.  Great time bringing ministry in tennis to Miami. This helps open doors for others and inspire them to share their faith through tennis.

Scott Paschal pic with news crew after interview. Great time bringing ministry in tennis to Miami. This helps open doors for others and inspire them to share their faith through tennis.

David hitting on Grand Stand court. So awesome for ICTA players to attend whole Sony Ericsson Open.

David hitting on Grand Stand court. So awesome for ICTA players to attend whole Sony Ericsson Open.

Fun group of people visiting International Christian Tennis Association exhibitor's booth.

Fun group of people visiting International Christian Tennis Association exhibitor's booth.

Jon hitting on Grand Stand court.  Soon to leave for college, Jon is a really special kid with loads of potential to change the world.

Jon hitting on Grand Stand court. Soon to leave for college, Jon is a really special kid with loads of potential to change the world.

Melody Snelen takes a pic with Fernando Verdasco before his match with Andy Murray.  Thanks Fernando.

Melody Snelen takes a pic with Fernando Verdasco before his match with Andy Murray.

April 4, 2009

International Christian Tennis Association Pics from Sony Ericsson Open

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Enjoy some sights from the 2009 Sony Ericsson Open.

Man, have we had a great time shining for Christ to over 250,000 tennis fans from around the world.

We are each exhausted, yet fulfilled.

More soon…   scotty

Federer SCreen

Huge Jumbotron Screen Showed Stadium Matches

Sony Ericsson Flowers

Men's Draw

Sony Ericsson Open booth 3

ICTA Gained Record Breaking Numbers of New Members at This Event!

Local TV News Interviewed Me... Great Time Sharing ICTA w/ Miami!

Local TV News Interviewed Me... Great Time Sharing ICTA w/ Miami!

August 17, 2008

ICTA Outreach in Rome, Italy

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Rachel Snelen, ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team Captain, is in Rome, Italy leading a foundation-laying missions’ outreach!

Rachel Snelen and the team landed yesterday and, after locating their hostel and taking a short nap,  began scouting out Rome.  Today, she mentioned they took a 2 hour bus tour of Rome and she commented on the hugeness of the Vatican.

This outreach is a big deal for International Christian Tennis Association as we prepare for future tours of the Italian ITF Pro Circuit with our Christian pro tennis players.

Please keep Rachel Snelen and the team in your prayers.  She is taking pictures and writing a journal to share with you.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

August 5, 2008

Welcoming France, Africa, and Costa Rica to ICTA’s Christian Tennis Academy

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Scott Paschal flying home!

Scott Paschal, ICTA President, flying home!

This has been a fun 7 days!

Just came back from a 3 city missions’ tour with Anastasia and Melody. Then went with my entire tennis academy to an awesome Christian conference in Orlando where my friend, David Nasser, spoke twice!

How awesome is that!??  Pro tennis, Christian outreaches for world class athletes, and Nasser speaking… twice!  Me and the guys took my Jeep to Orlando.  I had a blast.

In addition we also welcomed in a new player from France, and spent some time with a wealthy and influential friend who wants to help ICTA grow…

…and I just received my phone which had been lost for a few days in Atlanta’s airport!

Did you notice I mentioned a new player from France!?  I’ve never coached a player from France before.

Melody Snelen (USA) and Anastasia Kharchenko (Ukraine) of ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team

Melody Snelen (USA) and Anastasia Kharchenko (Ukraine), of ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team, wearing their exclusive ICTA Pro Team jackets in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Her name is Melissa.  She has been planning her trip here for several months.  I’m so excited God is using tennis and ministry as a bridge to strengthen Melissa’s faith!

We’ve enjoyed getting to know her.  Melissa is 18 years old and a solid tennis player.  Her English is pretty bad, so it’s been fun watching everyone teach her our language!

This weekend another new player is coming in.  His name is Luke.  He is from Costa Rica. I’ve been looking forward to Luke’s arrival for a few months now!  He sounds like a really neat kid.

Luke’s mom is bringing him, and she will stay with us for a couple days before flying home.

Mark, ICTA Student Since 2006, from Mexico Competing in USA Tournament. Mark's Parents Are Missionaries.

Both of Luke’s parents are missionaries in Costa Rica.  The plan is for Luke to train with me for a year.  He is going to have a blast!

A special friend of mine from Lagos, Nigeria contacted me about coaching his son for a couple weeks before he begins working out with his new college tennis team in North Carolina.

I’ve agreed and look forward to his arrival.

France, Costa Rica, Africa… joining our summer class of Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Japan, and Ukraine!  Ten countries will be represented here this summer semester!  Awesome, really awesome!

David from Australia, ICTA Student Since 2007

David from Australia, ICTA Student Since 2007. David's Dad is a Pastor.

And if you knew this group of kids, you’d know what a truly amazing group this is and how this time in their lives, and mine, is really special.

This season of my life really has been incredibly special.

God has allowed me to disciple so many kids from around the world.  I’ve had the rare opportunity to be part of the life stories of the next generation of Christian leaders… we’ve worked hard together, we’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together…

… and we’ve created friendships to last a lifetime.

I do fully realize this season will come to an end, and that God will direct my time and energies towards His further direction for my maturity as His follower.

That said, I am 100% relishing every moment I have right now!

God has blessed me with friends, enemies, students, good health, an international sports ministry, my mom and brother,  good and bad times, a pastor and church I love, a fantastic neighbor/friend…

… I know I’m blessed.

I really do.

My life is truly an example of what God can do with someone completely worthless and undeserving….

God bless,

This Funny and Silly Japanese Gal Has Been Here Since 2007!!

Scott Paschal

Anastasia from Ukraine.  ICTA Student Since 2006

Anastasia from Ukraine. ICTA Student Since 2006

Australia, Japan, Mexico!

Australia, Japan, Mexico!

Lindsey and Josh (my 12 year old student from Ecuador)

Linds (USA) and Josh (my 12 year old student from Ecuador)

July 8, 2008

Video: Scott Paschal Teaches WTA’s Anastasia Kharchenko How to Drive!

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Anastasia Kharchenko waving

My  “adopted daughter,” Anastasia Kharchenko, who is also newly WTA ranked in both singles and doubles, has been asking me to teach her to drive for over a year now.

I pretty much kept saying, “Maybe later.”  I would then quickly change the subject and she would give me that look….

You and I know driving isn’t all that big of a deal.  It’s like when I was a kid and I really, really wanted to mow the lawn, mainly because my Dad and big bro mowed the lawn.

Then, the big day came and my dad let me have at it.  In my mind I had became a man.  An 11 year old man.  I had arrived.  After spending 20 minutes mowing the front yard, I proudly showed my Dad.

I did it!  I was a man.  Now, I wanted to go play with my friends.

Anastasia Kharchenko getting my seat dirty! (click pic)

My Dad told me I could play with my friends after I mowed the sides and the back of the house.

He also told me it was my chore to mow the yard from now on.  And that he would pay me my allowance if I mowed well.  I vaguely remembering my brother snickering….

A beautiful smile of a happy girl!

A beautiful smile!

So began my life as a businessman.  I mowed, and my Dad paid me an allowance.

As I mowed I noticed our trees had a lot of leaves that fell.  They clogged up the mower.  So, I told him I couldn’t mow anymore.  He didn’t bite.  Instead, he offered me a solution…

That’s when I learned how to use a rake and how to bag leaves.  Hmmm, that didn’t really go as planned.

But, if you know me you know I always look for a positive solution… so I worked to make a deal with my Dad…

My proposal was how about he paid me 50 cents for every bag I filled with leaves?  He would supply the rake and the bags (and the trees!) and I would do the dirty work!  He agreed.  Soon after, I was rich.  I had at least $10.

Then, I had a pivotal moment in life.  I noticed the neighbors had trees, too.

My personal wealth skyrocketed as an entrepreneur was born.  I probably made $200 that Fall!

Anastasia is going to be an a great driver!
Anastasia is going to be an a great driver!

A few years later, I remember my Dad teaching me how to drive.  He had a BMW.  I was 15 years old.  It was the lawn mower manhood thing all over again.

My Dad was a great teacher.  Everything he said made sense and we both had a lot of fun.  It meant a lot to me that he let me learn to drive in his car.  I did it!  I drove.  I was a man.

Then, I learned I was going to have to drive a lot.  My parents divorced, I got bounced around from parent to parent, and I ended up having to drive about 45 minutes to school each way each day.  Then, I got a job bagging groceries.

A 4 wheel drive and a full tank of gas!

A 4 wheel drive and a full tank of gas!

I drove so much I learned driving isn’t as much fun as it looked.  Like mowing a lawn, driving is work.

A few years passed and soon I was driving all over the nation for my job.  I had started a traveling tennis teaching and fitness hobby “business” which gave me the opportunity to see the nation.  I logged tens of thousands of miles.  Once, I remember putting over 8000 miles on a rental car!

From my Dad giving me the opportunity to mow, I began to learn about business and hard work.  From my Dad giving me the opportunity to drive, I learned about responsibility and travel.

Life is about opportunities.  It really is.

Let\'s go drive on the beach!

Can we drive on the beach!

Life is about seeing something others can’t see, then showing it to them.

Here’s some free advice to have a fulfilled life….

Find the solution to a problem people have.  Their problem is actually your opportunity!

Your unique solution to the problem could possibly be your pathway to success, and might even just help the world become a better place.  That’s what I’m trying to do.

With me, I love teaching people about Jesus!  I really do.  If you know me you know I’m not a “churchy” guy.  I am a Christian and I serve in a church, but I’m 100% athlete/coach/guy/businessman…

First solo drive!

My authenticity and transparency with my successes and failures helps me relate to others who have had tough lives.

I allow my life and my home to be invaded with my friends and academy students and ministry partners… I think that my life is a wide open book, probably more than any other high performance tennis coach/tennis academy owner in America.

It’s also an opportunity.  I can share more.  I can disciple more.  I can listen more.

Anastasia did a GREAT job learning how to drive, today!

As always, she was coachable and wanted to do a good job.  Driving is a big responsibility.  She knows this and wanted to learn how to drive the right way.

Today, we stayed in first and second gears.  Learning to ease off the clutch, learning to drive slow and steady and safely.

I took her to a place without many cars.  A place where I could let her learn without fear.

It all reminded me of how how my Dad taught me.  Positive, fun, always building a friendship.

Learning Christian ministry was the same.  Jesus took me by the hand.  He guided me, taught me, kept me safe.

Anastasia and Coach Scotty

Anastasia and Coach Scotty

My hope and prayer is that Anastasia will remember today.  Today was important.  It was a big deal.

It’s an opportunity, a preparation for what God has planned.

Good job Anastasia!

with love,  Coach Scotty

PS.  Here’s a neat video of her first driving lesson…!



June 19, 2008

Scott Paschal’s Facebook Challenge!

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Yep, it happened.  I’m on Facebook.

I’ve decided to dance with the devil.  I know, you’re wondering if pigs are flying.  My answer to you is that pigs still can’t fly, but they can drown when inhabited by demons, as you can learn when you read my Spooky Naked Guy Chronicles.

That said, I’m on Facebook. And I’m up to 40+ friends.  And I’m seeing the ministry potential.

So, here’s the challenge.  Help me get to 100+ friends by the end of next week.  If you do, I’ll upload a video of me clucking like a chicken, or maybe I won’t.  But, either way you will help me reach my goal and that’s gotta make you happy 🙂

God bless!

Scott Paschal

June 7, 2008

Ana Ivanovic: The Match is Burning

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Congrats go out to Ana Ivanovic for winning the 2008 French Open!

In straight sets Ana Ivanovic crushed Dinara Safina 6-4, 6-3 to not only claim her first Grand Slam title, but also establish herself as the #1 WTA player.

A couple years ago my friend, Gene Scott, the now deceased founder of Tennis Week Magazine, once mentioned he believes he found the next big thing in women’s tennis.

He described the potential of Ana Ivanovic to dominate the sport.

As Gene was among the most influential men in the global tennis industry, people took note of what he said.

For me, since Gene was a member of the International Christian Tennis Association, and we were hanging out together in the Bahamas talking about how to make my seemingly impossible dreams for ICTA come true, I also listened to what Gene had to say.

Gene was right. Ana Ivanovic is unbelievable…

Yet, can I say something here? Though I think Ana Ivanovic is amazing, I’m really concerned for her.

Justine Henin just quit. She walked away from the sport as WTA #1. Her mind, body, and spirit were broken down. Now, a new player takes her spot.

The pressure now goes on a young, unsuspecting Ana Ivanovic.

And I can’t help but think about how poorly Serena Williams has handled the pressure as she has aged, even recently posing nude for a Jane Magazine photo shoot… which ended up in your child’s Tennis Week Magazine.

Hopefully, a nude Ana Ivanovic isn’t part of the mix, though many provocative pictures of Ana Ivanovic half-naked have surfaced recently as the global tennis industry, WTA, and Ana Ivanovic’s sponsors seek $ from using her body to promote agendas, such as making tennis sexy.

Let’s make it a point to keep Ana Ivanovic in our prayers. As her fame grows beyond her wildest dreams, she’s going to need people in her corner in prayer. I’d like to ask for our ICTA membership, which encompasses over 1800 cities in 65 countries worldwide, to come together in prayer…

And let’s pray not just for Ana Ivanovic, but the entire WTA Tour.

Pray for the people who work in the WTA Tour offices, pray for the coaches, pray for the nearly 1900 WTA players…

My dream is for WTA to become a beacon for all that is positive in women’s sports.

Currently, unfortunately, WTA is known as a beacon for “sexual preference.” As WTA follows in the footsteps of its founder, Billy Jean King, I can see how and why this has happened.

I’d like to see a day when “sexual preference” in WTA is replaced with Godly principles and Kingdom minded actions. Plenty of people within WTA are Christian and are International Christian Tennis Association members. Each can have a direct impact for Christian equality in WTA, even if some of their influential co-workers seem to be God-a-phobic.

Listen, if a person is allowed to stand up and openly discuss how she prefers to have sex with other women, then you darn sure had better be allowed to stand up and openly discuss your love of Jesus!

If not, call me! We have plenty of friends who are Christian attorneys who will use their expertise to protect your rights, often at no financial cost to you.

And FYI, one of my friends and mentors in tennis back in the mid ’90s was a lesbian… and I have a ministry to homosexuals… so you God-a-phobes and heter-a-phobes out there don’t even think about bashing me and playing the “are intolerant” card!

YOU are intolerant… and I have EVERY right to my opinions and preferences.

And, I don’t want to here from the self-righteous “Christians” out there, either, who can’t the the logs in their own eyes…

I’m simply stating that I’d like to see Jesus be the famous one in the sport.

Two wrap this up, International Christian Tennis Association has reached well over 20% of the top 200 WTA players. A strong Christian base is being created and gathered and motivated for positive change in women’s tennis.

Players are unhappy with the WTA status quo. ICTA seeks to bring the religious faith of WTA players, even if different from Christianity, to the forefront.

Players want Chaplains at WTA events. Players want to be protected from bully tactics by “sexual preference” people in positions of power within WTA and the ITF Pro Circuit. Players want change.

WTA players, their coaches, their families, their sponsors, and their friends are beginning to rise up and pray.

In my eyes, Justine Henin has been a beacon for all that is right and all that is wrong with the Women’s Tennis Association.

To Ana Ivanovic I’d like to ask her to focus on learning all she can about Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind.

Now that she is at the top, the match is burning.

My prayer is she doesn’t get burned.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

May 25, 2008

ICTA Christian Tennis Association Party @ Disney Hollywood Studios MGM

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International Christian Tennis Association headquarters is based in Florida, and pretty near Disney World. During some down time in between ICTA mission trips and academy semesters, we decided to visit Disney Hollywood Studios!

What a great time we all enjoyed.

Pictured here to the right is me and Lindsey (she’s also pictured above pushing me in a wheelchair). Lindsey’s Dad, Kevin (pictured above) is my good friend of many years.

He is a medical doctor, and a solid 5.0 tennis player. I bought him his first Bible. What a privilege.

We are so alike it is ridiculous… same age, same weight, same height. God brought us together years back, and that’s when I met Lindsey! I’ve known her since she was just a little squirt in elementary school….

Now, Lindsey is a full time student at my academy and my house is pretty much a second home for her.

As Kevin and I are so much alike… and since I’ve known Lindsey for so long… I’m basically an adopted uncle.

Honestly, it is such a special honor to be involved in shaping and molding the lives of the next generation.

I know God placed special people in my life when I was a teen, and now it feels awesome to be able to be used by God to give back!

While some of my academy students won’t be here til the summer semester begins in a week or so, several are here and we all enjoyed hanging out together.

Anastasia Kharchenko (on left w/ Melody Snelen) is back home with me getting some rest after many weeks on the ITF Pro Circuit competing in pro tennis tournaments, and serving on the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team.

Ana is my “adopted daughter” from Ukraine and a new Christian. She loves Jesus so much and wants to share her knowledge of Him to other players on the pro tour.

This year, 18 year old Anastasia earned her WTA pro ranking, and won two ITF Pro tournaments. And a week or so ago she played a player ranked around WTA #180 and lost a close one… 6-2, 7-5, which gave her some confidence she can compete at that level.

Currently, Ana is on her way to South Carolina to begin a 6 week tennis and missions tour with the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team that will take them from South Carolina to Texas to Kansas to Boston. Please keep them in your prayers as they seek to share Christ with those placed in their path.

This neat guy is Aussie, a nickname we gave him because he’s from… you guessed it, Australia.

Aussie is awesome! What a special, unique personality he is. Aussie’s dad is a pastor, and they own a farm. I’ve coached Aussie full time for about a year.

He and Mark (Mexico) share a room in my house and have become like brothers. They have certainly formed a bond that will last a lifetime.

Aussie has amazing parents. They love our entire tennis/missions academy program, and are thrilled Aussie has grown in so many wonderful ways. Here is an email they sent me last week…

Hi Scotty,

Thank you so much for your email. Our communication with you is way overdue..sorry! We pray for you all daily. David is missed here also, but know without a doubt that he is where the Lord wants him, knowing he is being very well looked after, challenged and guided in life. Thankyou for all that you are doing for him and each of the others. We love to hear about everyone at ICTA.

We know David has mentioned this to you, but would like to ask if it is OK if his sister, Tish, can come and stay with you for a few days. They will fly into Daytona Beach… Tish is so looking forward to meeting you all – I hope having two Aussies isn’t too stressful for you!!

At your convenience, we would love to hear of David’s on and off-court progress, and any ways we can encourage and guide him from a distance.

Thank you again so much.

God bless you and all you do.
Rich & Eilie

So great to have healthy, solid Christian parents sending such special emails of support. It is incredible for me to realize International Christian Tennis Association is having such a discipleship impact for the Kingdom!

Pictured here is ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team captain, Rachel Snelen (left), with “Lucy.”

Lucy’s story is amazing! She came to me not quite a year ago… and she was highly suicidal. Coaches, and life, had treated her pretty horribly.

Boy have things changed! Lucy is on-fire for life! Every single aspect of her young personality has improved, and she is an inspiration to all of us.

She is even an inspiration to her atheist Dad! He is amazed at the transformation taking place in her! In fact, three weeks ago he flew in from Japan. We talked at length through a translator. He asked me to coach Lucy for the next 5-6 years, and was so grateful for my work. I was almost in tears…

He is even interested in investing in condos at a tennis facility we build, if ICTA ever builds one. Since he owns a bunch of Japanese restaurants in South America, I take his investment interest as a great compliment.

(pic of me looking at Walt Disney, one of my favorite people and examples!)

It has taken me nearly 10 years to build International Christian Tennis Association.

As I look around for the fruit of my labor, I have to look first to my academy/missions kids. What a treasure they have been in my life.

Generally, I’m not a person with much patience, and I prefer to have plenty of space around me. But, God invaded my life through kids from 15 countries and 14 US States… kids who have camped out in my house… and ate all my food… and constantly hang around me… and God taught me so much through them I can’t begin to tell you in a simple journal entry.

10 years is a long time. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve grown a lot. Hopefully, I’ve helped some people along the way.

Whatever God has coming up for me in the future, whether it’s with International Christian Tennis Association or not, the last 10 years have been good. Like I said, I’ve learned a lot.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

May 21, 2008

Justine Henin’s Shocking Retirement: WTA Flaws Exposed by Tennis Star

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Justine Henin, the #1 ranked WTA player, launched a huge, international statement directly at the WTA on Wednesday by quitting as a professional tennis player.

Without warning, the tennis world’s #1 female player looked straight in the WTA’s eyes and forced them to finally listen to her.

Never before in the history of women’s professional tennis has the #1 player walked away!

Magazines and newspapers and TV shows are quickly spreading the “shocking” news…

I wasn’t shocked.

Over and over during the last year, Justine kept telling the world she was getting fatigued.

The tennis gods refused to listen….

And it seems they’ve refused to learn, as well. Instead of looking inward to see what responsibility they have in this terribly embarassing situation, they smoothly moved Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic to the front of the line.

I wonder if they asked young, unsuspecting Ana Ivanovic if she wanted a blindfold and a cigarette.

As much as Venus Williams changed women’s tennis, Justine Henin also brought hope. She reminded us all that heart is important.

She was a tiny giant among towering tennis superpowers… such as Lindsey Davenport, Venus and Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Jelena Jancovic….

The tiny giant brought the tiny female players worldwide back to tennis… the ones who had became discouraged and quit when height took over the sport. Yet, our tiny giant needed rest, and none was allowed by the tennis gods.

When a player becomes injured, the WTA protects their ranking while they heal from injury, thus when the player recovers she can pick up where she left off. I had written an article recommending the WTA allow a player the same protection for mental fatigue recovery, or physical recovery before a major injury occurs.

The tennis gods refused to listen….

Justine Henin’s Mom died when Justine was in juniors.

The tennis gods refused to listen…

She didn’t speak to her Dad for 8 years.

The tennis gods refused to listen…

I remember when she got married. I also remember last year’s divorce.

The tennis gods refused to listen…

Recently, instead of offering players more freedom to rest, the WTA chose to force top players to attend more tournaments by stiffly fining players who pulled out of events.

The tennis gods also made Indian Wells and Miami (world’s 5th and 6th largest pro tournaments) mandatory for players to enter. These two 2-week long events are played back to back.

Immediately after announcing her retirement, Justine Henin demanded her name be completely removed from the WTA ranking list! That statement was huge. Embarrassingly to the WTA, their heavily marketed Maria Sharapova was moved to the #1 spot without having earned it.

For once in a long, long time the tennis gods have been forced to listen….

Justine Henin’s statement is huge.

Professional tennis is about $. Anyone who thinks differently is clueless. The WTA and ATP worship the almighty dollar. Image is everything and players are simply the product. They are cattle to be used to feed the masses.

Troy Aikman, the Hall of Fame quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and winner of 3 Super Bowls, blasted the NFL in the ’90s by saying he believes the NFL players are nothing more than prostitutes for the NFL….

Could the same be said by female professional tennis players towards the WTA… that players are simply prostituted to the masses as a source of entertainment and revenue?

The WTA seems to claim to be an organization designed to represent the players’ needs. Is this happening?

The #1 WTA player in the world, and arguably one of the best female players in history, quit!

She demanded her name be removed from the WTA rankings!

As the WTA’s public relations people quickly move into position to keep the public from seeing the real issues, tennis fans worldwide will begin to see the WTA heavily pimp their next prostitu.., excuse me 😉 … promote their next player, which looks to be Ana Ivanavic.

I have little doubt Ana Ivanavic will be gone at 23 or 24 years of age. Her body will be broken down, her mind exhausted, her spirit broken. Like Kim Clysters and Anastasia Myskina, she will crave a real life and love from people who treat her like a human being.

So, what is there, really, with the WTA? New players simply replacing the old? What do tennis fans truly invest in… why even bother falling in love with a WTA player’s game when you know she’s soon worn out?

The #1 female player in the world just quit! She walked away and asked to have her name removed from the WTA computer rankings! She said “no” to millions of $ in prize money, said “no” to millions of $ in sponsor money….

The Women’s Tennis Association must stand up and take notice of their champion walking away, and they must be willing to take some responsibility for their part in her decision.

I’m no brain surgeon, but I do know that when a champion even hints they are tired, they should be listened to and help should be given. When a champion hints changes should be made to help the other athletes, they should be listened to.

When a young person is in trouble, those in a position to help should help.

Take away the facade of tennis.

A kid was hurting. Her mother is dead. She was estranged by her father for 8 years. Last year, her marriage fell apart in divorce. Basically, her only family is her long time coach, Carlos.

Young girls worldwide chase the dream of becoming the #1 WTA player in the world….

Why? Is it for fame and fortune? If so, they are chasing a rainbow’s pot of gold.

The vast emptiness at the top of women’s pro tennis is a wasteland of pain, isolation, and doubt. For the very few who reach financial security, it comes with a cost. Possibly a cost too steep to pay.

What is the answer? Easy.

Jesus Christ.

Without question, placing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of her life will change the lenses from which life is viewed.

It seems the WTA has worked diligently to allow a player’s sex life and sexual preferences take Center Court.

Yet, if one mentions Jesus Christ, or even the spiritual needs of players from all religions, the WTA gods quickly cry foul.

Did you know not even one Christian Chaplain is officially allowed in players’ areas at tournaments? Why? How can this be?

We talk all day about the technical and tactical game of tennis. We discuss nutrition and fitness. Mental training is a hot topic. But, as much, if not more, than any of these is a player’s spiritual fitness.

Without question, Chaplains from every major religion must be allowed access to the players, coaches, tournament staff, volunteers, media, and fans who want them there.

Terrorism, isolation, mafia, constant worldwide travel, lack of family stability… WTA and ATP players need guidance…. spiritual guidance. And the guidance shouldn’t come from the tennis gods….

When will the giants of tennis past step up and lead? When will our current and former Grand Slam champions reach out for the next generation with the message of hope that is Christ? When will Jesus take center court in tennis?

In America, when will hiding behind political correctness to protect your reputation be a thing of the past? Christians worldwide are being martyred at record pace… they’re being murdered daily for their faith in Jesus… they’re being tortured… and they refuse to back down!

That’s how the 12 disciples did it. That’s how Jesus did it.

Yet, in tennis, including past American tennis greats, we have a bunch of geldings worrying about their reputations.

It’s not supposed to be easy and it’s not supposed to be fun and it’s not supposed to be cool. You are a Christian, a follower of Christ… you are heavily involved in a spiritual battle… you have work to do.

Stop hiding, stop whining, stop being politically correct.

Stop trying to be “cool” hoping your “coolness” will “win people” for Christ. It doesn’t work. Worldly techniques can’t effectively fight a spiritual battle.

Tell this lost generation about Jesus. Start sharing the Gospel. The Holy Spirit will convict those you speak to. Start using your influence to bring the name of Jesus to all people groups worldwide.

Learn to understand how a small band of Jewish brothers sent the name of Christ global. Learn to understand how followers of Christ in Rome stood strong, spoke of their faith in Jesus, refused to waver in intense persecution… and conquered the most powerful nation of their day.

Honestly, I wonder if Jesus would be sitting in a box seat being celebrated during the US OPEN.

Without question, I understand I’m a little nobody in ministry and in tennis. Let me make that clear. I’m in no way the authority on anything, and I can see much improvement I need to do in my own walk with Christ.

And maybe in some ways I’m not seeing the whole picture here. But, that said, you can’t really make much of an argument that I haven’t worked my tail off with the resources and knowledge, however limited, I’ve had at my disposal.

I make mistakes, and I’ve worked to learn life lessons. I’m not even hinting at any type of perfection in my life choices.

What I am saying is when a large platform is offered, Jesus Christ should be the One being celebrated.

Players, coaches, fans… former Grand Slam Champions… should make Jesus’ name and story the focal point. Ask yourself why “sexual orientation” is all the rage, yet Jesus is viewed with hate and anger.

Justine Henin’s retirement shocked the world. Yet, there is a bigger picture here.

The tennis world is void of meaning. The purpose of tennis is void of life. $ and power last just so long, then a need for meaning becomes crystal clear.

If you have influence in tennis, you can have a real purpose beyond yourself.

And, if you are a nobody like me, you can have influence to. Just read the Bible and strive to do what it says.

It’s really that simple.

Read the Bible and strive to do what it says…

God bless,

Coach Scotty

International Christian Tennis Association

April 28, 2008

How to Kick Satanic Tail 101: Scott Paschal’s Rediculously Raw Look @ What Should Be Obvious to Every Christian

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As a teen, I had a few pretty straightforward questions…

“Why did my Christian parents divorce?”

“Why did my Christian dad commit suicide in my car during the weekend of my 17th birthday?”

“If God is so good, why is my dad dead?”

“Why do Christians talk about how great Heaven is… but no one wants to die!?”

“Why do Church kids treat me like crap?”

As my young life was being pounded, I asked these questions to people at my church.

(pic of me in Benin City, Nigeria w/ friends during ICTA Africa Outreach)

I quickly learned church people had no idea what to say. Mainly, they would give me blank, troubled, or dirty looks.

I was hurting and needed someone to step up to the plate and go to bat for me. I needed real, authentic answers.

Unfortunately, the people I spoke with had not been educated in spiritual warfare or the defense of Christianity in any substantial way, thus were at a loss to know how to guide me.

I was a lost, confused, hurting kid doing what he could to find answers… I didn’t turn to drugs, sex, alcohol… I turned to the church, and I was terribly let down.

I thought the church could help me uncover the answers, instead the church helped me uncover its own lack….

Can I say something raw here?

Do you, personally, have any idea why you are Christian?

I mean, do you have any real facts about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, or; are you simply a “believer” because your parents, friends, or pastor basically led you down that road without giving you the opportunity to question anything?

If that was the case, what if your parents had taught you to howl to a full moon and drink gopher blood to celebrate the birth of the Goomba god?  See my point here, right?

If you are a follower of Christ, thank God! I am so glad and thankful.

But, honestly, just being a “follower” isn’t enough, and it’s not getting the job of advancing His Kingdom done.  You’re in the middle of a spiritual war…

By knowing Jesus, you will understand the spiritual battle you are in, whether you currently see it or not.

And that is what this blog is all about… learning powerful aspects of how Jesus teaches us to advance His Kingdom on earth.

Most of you who know me have a clear understanding that I tend to wear my thoughts and emotions on my sleeve.

Much as it was easy to read Andre Agassi’s emotions as he played tennis, so it is with me in ministry….

In 20+ years as a tennis coach and nearly 10 years as the founder of a sports ministry, I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff, really bad stuff.

Basically, I’ve seen Satan running unchecked in tennis worldwide, and, as I began preaching and speaking to churches and groups, I’ve seen Satan masterfully taking control of the church as well.

That said, this fool, without a formal seminary education, or really any formal ministry schooling at all, is going Martin Luther on some satanic “Christian habits” which are trying to keep your eyes shut, ears closed, and hearts cold.

With the tenacity of Nadal, the raw honesty of Agassi, and the serve of Sampras, I hope to wake and shake up those people God places in my path. If you don’t like what I’m writing and teaching, honestly, I don’t care. I’m not doing this for your approval. And, honestly, you might be part of the problem….

The following is a summary of what I’m going to try to explain in How to Kick Satanic Tail 101. The full scoop will be laid out in its entirety over at ICTADevo2008 , when I’m finished writing The Spooky Naked Guy Chronicles.

For now, tell your friends that I’m beyond sick and tired of Christians who have no idea, first of all, of why they are even Christian; second of all, they aren’t being taught squat about how to not get blown to bits in the spiritual war; and thirdly, refuse to take their heads out of the trendy “Christian sand” in fear of offending someone heading straight to hell.

Below is the outline I’ve created to help get those interested in advancing His Kingdom and being successful in the Spiritual War better prepared to follow the Great Commission as written by Mathew in chapter 28.

How to Kick Satanic Tail 101:

The Nature of the War

Two Opposing Kingdoms

Satan’s Headquarters

Battle of Angels

The Weapons and the Battlefield

The Basis of Our Victory

Our Defensive Armour

The Full Armour of God

The Girdle of Truth

The Breastplate of Righteousness

The Shoes of the Preparation of the Gospel

The Shield of Faith

The Helmet of Salvation

The Sword of the Spirit

The Unprotected Area

Weapons of Attack

Taking the Offensive

The Weapon of Prayer

The Weapon of Praise

The Weapon of Preaching

The Weapon of Testimony

Preparing for the Battle

The Leader

The Passion

The Strategy and Tactics

The Plan

The Wounded

War Zone



Focus and Intensity


Injury & Death

MASH Units

Victory & Defeat

My hope is someone somewhere will benefit from my efforts to bring this outline to life.  The longer I’m in ministry, the more I see the vast need to equip Christians to understand spiritual warfare, or what I tend to call it… the Battle of the Great Commission.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

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